Women Empowerment - Jaipur RugsI feel blessed to say that women constitute 80% of our grassroots workforce and they play a crucial role in helping the organisation grow sustainably. Every day is women’s day at Jaipur Rugs!

The idea of women empowerment lies at the core of our organisation’s vision and we believe that breaking patriarchal mind-sets is important to make the world a balanced and equal place.

We have been constantly using business as an agent of progression and change to achieve socio-economic balance in society that has traditionally disregarded women and their abilities.

Research shared by the United Nations suggests: ‘when more income is put into the hands of women – child nutrition, health and education improves.’ It further adds that gender inequality is a major cause and effect of hunger and poverty. An estimated 60% of chronically hungry people are women and girls.

womens day

Organisations globally can do a lot more to improve these statistics. The easiest way is to innovate and create business models that allow women to take the lead and reap the benefits of economic success at all levels.

At Jaipur Rugs, we use a bottom-up approach to empower women artisans across 600 villages in five states in India. We ensure sustainable livelihood to our women artisans at their doorstep so that they can work in the comfort and safety of their homes and earn a living.

The Jaipur Rugs Foundation, CSR arm of the Jaipur Rugs Company, also provides functional skills to women artisans and other village community members and tries to bring about transformation in their lives by providing an understanding of health, hygiene, family life, education and the environment.

We have observed that the standing of our women artisans in their communities has improved as a result of the economic empowerment that they get through weaving. For the first time in their lives, they are now financially independent and capable of improving the lives of their families.

Celebrating womens dayPerhaps the best way to celebrate women’s day is to take it upon ourselves to invest in the personal, economic, educational and social empowerment of women. This can be achieved by maintaining a balanced approach towards growth. Balance is a difficult thing to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. But, this is the only way we have to create everlasting change.