Why You Need a Rug Pad with a RugSo you found the right rug for your home and you are excited to take it home and display it front and centre in your living room. But as you place it down you realize that it sometimes moves out of its place, especially if it is a flatweave rug.

Do not worry a rug pad is the best solution for keeping your rugs from slipping or giving them that extra cushioning if they are very low pile or flatweaves. In this article we are going to take you through a few aspects of the humble rug pad and why it is a great thing to have when buying a rug. Read on to know more:

Safety comes first

One of the most important functions of a rug pad is safety. The rug pad enhances the grip of the carpet and stops it from moving or slipping. If you have kids and old people in your house this will give you a lot of mental peace knowing that they will not tumble and fall.

What type of rug pad to buy?

There are all kinds of rug pads available in the market. Most good rug pads should last you anything between three-four years or even longer, but it is recommended to change them in four years. Do not be swayed by the price points. A more expensive rug pad is not necessarily going to be the better choice. Most rug pads are made of either jute, felt or rubber, or a combination of these materials for grip. It’s best to choose a rug pad which is more effective but not expensive.

Things to remember 

First and foremost, ensure that the size of your rug pad is right for your rug. If it is bigger you need to cut it to size. After you place the rug pad under the rug make sure that only the sides of the rug touch the floor and there is no excess portion of the rug without the rug pad. This will ensure complete safety from slippage.

The key to choosing the right rug pad is making sure that its functionality is your top priority rather than its cost. A good rug pad will keep your rug exactly where you intend it to remain and provide some amount of cushioning as well. Overall, it’s an accessory that will increase the performance of your rug and add an extra safety feature to it.