About five years ago, Sajna Devi a middle aged artisan for Jaipur Rugs from Aaspura, Rajasthan, was diagnosed with malignant tumors after a phase of persistent discomfort. But Sajna Devi never considered Cancer a threat to her undying love for weaving. Unfettered by the treatment, unperturbed by the emotional and physical trauma, she pleaded that her loom not be taken away from her. Going with the flow, she easily overcame obstacles by merely focusing on her work and a never say die spirit. Knot by knot she weaved a beautiful rug and called it Sona bagicha. Her perception of her tumor, a garden that she saw in the hospitals where she was treated and other pieces of her imagination are all incorporated by her in the rug. Sona Bagicha was chosen as the best rug for 2016.

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More than 18 million people get affected by Cancer every year. But there are some who emerge victorious from this fight which is largely against one’s own will more than against the disease. Stories like Sajna ji’s is a source of hope and strength to many who battle cancer. Never even once did she get bogged down by the aura of the disease even when her family feared fatal consequences. Her indomitable zest to work, carefree attitude, ever smiling charm, and channelization of her energies towards one’s passion truly belittles the disease.

Experience  the amusing journey from the warrior herself as she narrates the little nuances of her story of perseverance and positivity.

Jaipur Rugs salutes Sajna Ji, who refused to bow down before her dreaded illness and came out a survivor, an inspiration to many.