Top 10 rug myths busted! Spread a rug, not the myth.

Area rugs and carpets are the most beautiful and the easiest way to adorn a home. Spread your favorite rug in any part of your home and let the entire space come to life. However, there are several apprehensions surrounding a rug which have taken the place of myths over a course of time. It’s time to bust them!

Myth 1: Rugs and carpets should be chosen after selecting other elements of the decor.

Myth 2.  All the rug constructions are the same.

Myth 3.  Carpets and area rugs are only for beautification purpose.

Myth 4  Floor rugs can be placed only in some of the spaces.

Myth 5. Multiple rugs in the same space need the same design.

Myth 6. Rugs and carpets can’t be used in summers.

Myth 7.  Rugs are not pet-friendly.

Myth 8.  Anti-slip mats (rug pads) are unnecessary.

Myth 9.  Cleaning or vacuuming is not essential.

Myth 10.  Abrash effect is a defect in the rug!


Myth 1: Rugs and carpets should be chosen after selecting other elements of the decor.
Truth: Always start with the floor. For an organized and appealing decor, planning is critical and a rug lays the foundation for it. Once you have chosen your rug or carpet it is easy to build your decor on it. Therefore choosing a floor rug before everything else is advisable.


Myth 2: All the rug constructions are the same.
Truth: There are different types of rug constructions. Every rug and carpet is created for a different space based on these constructions. It ranges from hand-tufted to hand knotted, flat weaves to hand loomed. Know more about rug weaving techniques before choosing one.


Myth 3: Carpets and area rugs are only for beautification purpose.
Truth: While area rugs and carpets are known for accentuating the look of a place, they aren’t only for show. Carpets, through their construction style and material, can instantly change the feel of a space. For example, a woolen carpet in winters can instantly add warmth and create a snug atmosphere as it blocks the chill from the floor. Rugs also protect floors from getting overused and from footfall abrasions. They also increase the friction that reduces the chances of slipping on ultra smooth floors.


Myth 4: Floor rugs can be placed only in some of the spaces.
Truth: Certainly not! In modern living, area rugs can be placed in any part of your home. Living rooms, bedrooms, connecting spaces or even entryways, a carpet can liven up any part of a home and make it special. In fact, a lot of people prefer to have outdoor rugs (in verandas and gazebos) too. With the concept of open kitchen gaining popularity, it becomes easier to place rugs to demarcate areas. Did you know? Even your kitchen and dining can have great carpets.


Myth 5: Multiple rugs in the same space need the same design.
Truth: Not really. You can create unique decor styles with multiple carpets of different styles in the same space. You can choose to spread a huge variety of colors or keep it simple or create a mix and match of both to cast a contrasting look. For example, a floral rug right in the middle of your living room, surrounded by solid carpets can create a highlight area. The idea is to use your own imagination and create your own space with multiple rugs.


Myth 6: Rugs and carpets can’t be used in summers.
Truth: The traditional image of a carpet was an element to provide warmth. This stemmed from the fact that people mostly used rugs made from a very warm woolen material. With innovation in the carpet industry, newer designs on different materials are experimented to break the shackles of traditional approach and monotony. Considering this, rugs are now all weather. You can go for natural fiber rugs like cotton, jute or hemp for summers. Even flat weaves or dhurries are extremely popular nowadays.


Myth 7:  Rugs are not pet-friendly.
Truth: being, a pet lover with aesthetic sense causing dilemma? Don’t fret. You can choose to have a rug at home without worrying much about your pets. Try to go for hand-knotted rugs as they are sturdier and easy to clean.


Myth 8: Anti-slip mats (rug pads) are unnecessary.
Truth: Rug pads are a great way to enhance the life of a rug. It prevents the fibers from being crushed and acts as a buffer between the floor and the rug. It also makes a rug stay in its place by preventing slips and pulls. Lightweight flat weaves tend to be displaced easily. A rug pad is a great stabilizer. Also, it adds a cushy feel to the rug and feels great beneath the feet. In addition to this, it’s easier to vacuum a rug if it has a rug pad support.


Myth 9: Cleaning or vacuuming is not essential.
Truth: Dust is a common problem everywhere and it can only be reduced with proper vacuuming techniques. In addition to vacuuming, if you clean the spillages instantly with absorbing cloth or remove moisture using a dryer or an absorbing paper, it helps in enhancing the life of a rug. For details on best vacuuming practices Visit Here. For cleaning techniques please Visit Here


Myth 10. Abrash effect is a defect in the rug!
Truth: Looking at a handmade carpet is like looking at a handmade painting. There are no flaws in it, only artistic interpretation.  Abrash effect in rugs is a variation in color tones due to various dyeing techniques. In fact, in some cases, the abrash effect is actually a mark of an authentic handmade rug. It is something that may become more prominent with time as it is a part of the rug’s natural aging process. Sometimes, it is deliberate to give it an artistic worn outlook. It is certainly nothing to be wary of.

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