Decorating With Runner Rugs

We all have those narrow spaces in hallways, galleries, and bedrooms that we want to decorate in a way that makes them stand out. One of the simplest ways to add to the look and feel of these spaces and create a lasting impression is to decorate them with runner rugs.

A runner is a versatile décor piece that can brighten the dullest space. It can singlehandedly transform an uninviting area into one that radiates warmth and comfort.

What Exactly is a Runner Rug?

So, runners are basically rectangular rugs that are longer than they are wider. Their length is what gives them their name – runners. They come in varying lengths and therefore you can cover the longest of galleries or hallways with them. Basically, there is no set ratio for a runner, but as long its length is proportionately larger than its width it will come under the runner category. Jaipur Rugs has a wide collection of hand-knotted and flat-weaver runners in natural materials like silk, wool, cotton, and jute.


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Where do Runner Rugs Look Best?

Ideally, you can place a runner wherever you like. But there are certain places in the house that are perfect for a runner. Let us take for example the entryways to a house. A runner in the entryway is a great way of creating that perfect first impression for your house. Place the runner about 10-15 inches from the wall covering the length of the entryway or hallway and you won’t need any other thing to adorn that space. Runners also look great in hallways and foyers. In a bedroom, you can place a runner in many different ways. It can go under the bed from side to side or at the end of the bed or on the sides of the bed. Depending on the space in your bedroom you can play with a runner to create the look you desire. It also easy to layer a runner. A large neutral tone rug in the bedroom can easily be used as the base for a runner to add that extra warmth.


What to Remember When Choosing Runner Rugs?

Places like entryways and hallways are usually high traffic areas in a house. So, it is advised to go for a good quality rug for these spaces. A hand-knotted rug is the highest quality and most durable rug for anywhere. It is often very well suited for galleries, foyers, and entryways. A flatweave runner is also a good option for these places provided it is used with a good rug pad to avoid slippage.


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No matter what material or pattern you use, the versatility of a runner rug will help you add color and texture to the dullest and uninteresting spaces.