Asian Paints - Jaipur Rugs- Jaipur Wunderkammer
Asian Paints – Jaipur Rugs- Jaipur Wunderkammer

When decorating a home one of the first few things that an interior designer or architect likes to zero in on is the rugs he is going to use. They say once you have the right rug in place its all downhill from there.

In this post, we are going to take you through the things that interior designers and architects look for in the rugs before they finalize. We hope this will help you pick and buy a rug like a pro.

Visual Appeal:

The first and most important consideration of an interior designer is the visual appeal of the rug. A decorator has been entrusted with the task of making a space look good, so any article she picks has to make the place look stunning. This makes the visual appeal of the area rug the most important criteria for a decorator even more than the quality or other attributes of the rug.

Client Personality

For a decorator, it is important to appeal to the likes and dislikes of a client. For convenience sake, we can divide the likes and dislikes into two very general categories of bold and muted. Decorators catering to a client who is comfortable experimenting and tends to pick bold décor ideas will be comfortable picking striking color rugs. While a client with more subtle taste will likely go for softer color rugs. By picking a certain rug color the decorator sets the tone for the overall look and feel of the décor.

Picking Patterns

Rugs come in all types of designs and patterns. There are those with a design that is spread all over and those that have a central motif. For a room with a lot of furniture, decorators often try to pick a rug that has a spread-out design so that the central motif doesn’t get hidden under any big piece of furniture. For a room where the furniture can be arranged around a central motif, designers can go for a rug with such a pattern.

Aesthetic Essentials

While color, size, and pattern are key deciding factors, some interior designers might prefer a certain type of rug over others. Hand-knotted is more premium and they are considered the right fit for areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Flatweaves and dhurries with rug pads are perfect for kid’s rooms. Tufted rugs for guest bedrooms, dining, and other spare bedrooms can be a good choice. However, the choice is more driven by the overall vision of the decorator and the client.