The Ultimate Guide to Layering Your RugsIf you are looking to redefine an area in your home or add interesting new textures and colors like a pro, try layering your rugs. It’s easier than it sounds and it can give you new ways of using your existing rugs.

Basics of layering:

By layering your rugs, you can use your smaller rugs in bigger settings and completely transform the décor of your rooms.

Our advice is to start with a good base rug. It is important that the base rug is neutral – something like a plain, jute, sisal, stripe, or black and white pattern. Even though the objective is to layer, it will be an advantage if the base rug alone can by itself hold the décor. Just in case you want to go the minimalist way. So, chose a versatile neutral base rug that can transform the room once layered up.


Layering ideas for your space:

With a good base rug your foundation is set and you can experiment. Start with choosing the patterns and colors that complement each other. A neutral and a pattern always complement each other, small patterns and large patterns always work well together and stripes can also be combined with a pattern.


Layering really has no rules. A narrow runner by your bedside or a wide one at the end of a bed on top of a larger neutral rug can add a different dimension to your bedroom. Or just put a pop colored one in the foyer for some eye candy atop a plane jane single tone rug. You just can’t go wrong.

Rugs are the best way of defining a space. If you have a fully carpeted area layering can create beautiful well-defined islands to add more structure to your overall décor. Use them over the carpeting in your living room, dining area, or at the end of a bed.

In a studio apartment or open style house, rugs are the only things that will give you an anchor to hold the rest of the paraphernalia down. A large rug topped over by magnificent designer rug can liven up your place.

Combining patterns:

We are sharing some examples of combinations that you can try out with your layering. Please remember the possibilities are endless with layered rugs.

For important spaces like your bedroom and living room, you can try a neutral tone jute rug as a base and layer it with a multi-colored bamboo-silk or silk one to instantly add a dash of color.You can combine a striped rug with one which has a busy pattern. Place the bigger striped rug under the bed and the patterned rug at the end of the bed to see the combination change the mood of the room.


If you want to make this interesting in slightly unusual, layer a mundane beige rug with one in checks or plaid pattern. You will add a little zing to your boring old beige.

Foolproof combinations:

There are also some foolproof choices which can help you with your layering, using a black or blue colored rug on any neutral tone will work for most rooms. A black and white pattern rug can be a great base to a rainbow of colors – perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, or even foyers.


Just be confident and layer up! You will love the possibilities it opens up for the décor of your place.