Decorations done, lighting set, savories ready, wait…have you picked that special gift? Festive season is on and is the perfect time for uplifting someone’s mood and decor.

Who doesn’t like gifts! Big or small a gift makes one feel special whether it comes from a relative or a colleague. Witnessing the joy that a present brings for someone is in itself a gift.  Choosing out of the box gifts that bring instant awe on someone’s face is priceless. If you can choose something that suits their needs, even better!

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Rug– A gift for all 

Gifts are an important part of festivities for they are a mark of expression, love and gratitude. Festival is the time when people ride high on fervor and is the best time to present them a blend of unique and utilitarian.  Also, festive season opens the gates to auspicious functions like weddings and house warming in Indian families. The festival of Diwali itself is a great reason to jubilant .It provides an opportunity to exchange gifts if you want to acknowledge or express gratitude to someone throughout the year. Modern day corporate companies believe in pampering and thanking their employees through various corporate gifts during the festive season. The question that irks and wrecks the mind sometimes is what to choose for gifting. For everything listed above from festival to marriage to corporate gifting, rug can be your perfect solution. For it is something that adds a personal touch, is regal and suits every occasion and space. And with the Jaipur Rugs , you can buy something exclusive at tempting prices.

How to choose

Keeping a few parameters in mind will guide you to choose the right rug for gifting.

1.Hobby/ Profession/Artists:

A yoga enthusiast friend or a spiritual healer would be bowled over with eclectic dhurries, while an artist could look for contemporary designs that are artsy. An architect with a home office may not want something in eclectic but prefer sober shades. Again this is discretion based.

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2.Stick to basics-

Material, Pattern and Color: While considering a rug as gift option, always a good idea to consider the basics of rug-material, pattern and color. Once you have filtered your thoughts through these, it becomes easier to choose.

-Bright hues: Occasions like wedding, house warming, or festival gifting needs to be aligned with the emotion of the event.  Bright hues are dovetailed with intricate work is always admired by all. You can pick lively reds, yellow, or greens with contemporary or traditional patterns that blend with the occasion instantly.

-Solid delight: Solid rugs have a more formal appeal and are best for a specified area. If you happen to be in the corporate gifting team, suggest plain bright shades.

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-Shag Swag for bedroom: A shag for bedside space or any portion of the bedroom in various bright hues are a gift that everyone will welcome. Shags feel soft on feet and their furry look accentuates floor.

-Pick your pattern: Every home has a stylized decor which can be categorized into modern, traditional, artistic or quirky. Jaipur Rugs offers a range of rugs with innovative designs and patterns that suit almost every home style. You can choose from abstract, erased, geometric, classic or even floral based on your instincts for your giftee’s taste.

3.Breaking stereotypes with different shapes:

Why stick to the usual rectangular rug when our range offers you to play with various shapes for different spaces. As a gift people like to receive unique products and you can pick runner rugs for galleries, hallways or entry ways. Round rugs teamed with coffee tables or pouffes with low hanging lamps provide the perfect whimsical, cozy ambiance for casual chit chat.

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Furnishing and decor is close to everyone and any gift related to these is welcomed by all. Rug is not a much explored territory for gifting so you could be starting a new trend this festive season.

This year break the gifting rules. Introducing E-gift Cards from Jaipur Rugs!!

Our E-gift cards are an ideal expression of love to make heart to heart connection and bless the living spaces of people  who matters to you, with handcrafted pieces of art. Simply select from our eclectic collection of rugs in contemporary to transitional designs and offer unmatched craftsmanship to your loved ones.

It’s so easy!!!

Empower the people around you to choose what they really want and let it be cherished forever.

Redefine the style of blessing through rugs which are dovetailed with the blessings of weaver’s family.