Experiencing the bright morning sun or the swishing sound of the warm winds on warm sultry afternoons? Winters long gone, summers are here. It is time make some changes hither tither for a perfect summer home look.

Contrary to the popular belief that rugs are ideal for winters, area rugs are a great way to bring in a summer delight as well. The variety of material and patterns available with Jaipur Rugs can transform your winter home into a perfect summer hideout. In addition to area rugs, you can also add features that are easily available.

Color me Summer!

Most popular summer shades:

Ivory: Whites are the most appealing choice for summers. Ivory is one of the most popular choices for home décor for it provides the perfect base for every setting. Jaipur Rugs unique collection in ivory base can help you create enchanting spaces.


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Vibrant Summer Shades

Yellow and Orange Splash- If there’s a color that catches the eye fastest, it’s yellow. The best part about the shade is that it provides a great contrast with any subtle shade. One doesn’t need this color, especially the sunny yellow, in abundance. You could add a dash of this color as a rug, cushion, paintings, or as accents. For spaces like dining, adding summer fruits or flowers can also be a great way to enhance the look especially for a summer bash. Orange is an extremely edible color and can make every space tempting during dry summers.



Nautical look: Yes it’s time for the blues to rein. Blue could be used in the exterior parts too especially if you have a pool or a veranda for cooling off in the evenings. Bring in the energy of blue inside a home and you may not want to step out. Blue prints on white or even solids make an excellent choice for curtains and accent chairs. For floor rugs, Jaipur Rugs has an exquisite range of artistic area rugs that give an impression of water-color painting.


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Go Green: Summer sun often turns the shade of natural green plants into pale yellow. No fret! Choose shades like glacier green or grass green for interiors and you may have your own summer garden indoors. In fact, it’s a great idea to bring your potted plants indoor for look revamp. You can explore rugs in shades of green and blue that fits in almost every home-contemporary or traditional.

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“Cool” Patterns:

This summer some hot pattern trends can bring in the cool attitude to your home.

Ikats and Kilims: This traditional dyeing technique, that reveals hypnotic patterns can be the game changer this summer. Mostly popular in clothing, ikat is now adorning homes too. Try picking some cool shades of the pattern for home rugs and go trendy. Ikat bed covers and cushions are also extremely popular. You can create your own serene space with floor seating using ikat fabric for cushions. Kilims are the classic pattern that every carpet owner wishes to have for they are appealing and so “carpet.” Our Anatolia collection has an array of kilims intricately designed in various color combinations. Summer style can be defined with lighter hued kilims or anything that brings in a refreshing change.

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Oriental: The oriental style is famous for its intricately designed floral patterns yet different from the quintessential floral. The graceful lines accentuate the motifs in the pattern. The best part about this type is you don’t need anything else that’s too fancy in a room. Our Mythos collection has some finest oriental style rugs and carpets in mellow and bright shades to suit your style.

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Earthen Feel Material: The fabric or material is an important aspect of maintaining the right temperature in homes. Jute baskets, wall hangings teamed with green plants or books are a great way to change the energy of a space. Add Jute rugs on the floors and enjoy a summer vacation simply by being at your own home. Flat Weaves, dhurries in cotton are also a big yes for a fresh refreshing decor this summer.

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Floral: Want a visual summer delight? Try floral sofa tapestry, curtains or cushions in almost any part of your home. Floral wallpaper can be used on a single wall of a room to provide a great background for wall articles. Refreshing floral rugs can bring in a new dimension to your floors.

Whatever color or type it may be, the rug should bring in a change that completely redefines the aura of your décor. At Jaipur Rugs, we aim at delivering the best of class rugs with state of the art luxury and designs. Come, explore and become a part of our eclectic journey!