“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” Harriet Ann Jacobs

We tell you four trendiest ways to stay afresh with Spring 2019.

Floral Rugs:

“It’s Spring.” And indeed flowers are the most enchanting expression of nature. This spring, open your homes to the fresh, floral blossom and lay it anywhere in your home. Floral rugs in themselves can change the entire feel of a place and which is why they are back in vogue. The pattern is almost universal and fit for any space. Bring it in and there is no better treat for eyes. The artistic flavor along with vibrancy is an instant feature with these rugs and they look swell in any part of your home.

floral rugs

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        Hana Antique White/Antique White  floral hana collection            Hana Floral Rug

                                                                      Floral Round Rug



Natural Fibres- Jute and Hemp Rugs

The fabric in your home plays a vital role in creating the internal weather in harmony with the external. Natural fibres like jute, cotton and hemp are extremely popular in contemporary home for the feel that they create is sheer earthen. Jute and Hemp rugs go extremely well with sparsely furnished homes, homes with bamboo or cane furniture, with earthen colors and a lot more.  Gone are the days when they were used in home exteriors or places where the footfall was heavy. The state-of-the art designs and patterns make them a great option for living rooms and bedrooms.

Natural Fibre Rug

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NAtural Jute Rug             Jute Natural Rug

Willow Smoke Blue/Cloud White

Jute Rug

Calypso Cloud White


Cotton Rugs- Nature’s Bliss

Come summers and the ambiances would transform into eye soothing and coolness inflicting décor. Cotton rugs are a great choice for spring and summers and they come as bright color rugs with patterns and colors you can never get bored of. Easy to maintain, they are known to bring peace and tranquillity to a space. For the same reason these have become popular in bedroom and recreation spaces. And sometimes when all you want to do is re-establish yourself with mother earth, just relax on this a cool cotton rug.

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            indus print white african violet Cotton Dhurrie             Indus Print Deep Claret/White Cotton Rugs - Jaipur Rugs

Indusbar Khaki/White Cotton Runner

Indusbar Khaki/White

Indusbar Festival Fuchsia/Dark Blue Cotton Runner RUgIndusbar Festival Fuchsia/Dark Blue


Romancing Art With Rugs

Imagine a canvas with different strokes of lively colors, splash of watercolours and a myriad emotions. Now imagine that not on your wall but on your floor as rug that creates a bewitching impression on any one who visits the space. The same colors as you find in nature have been played around with that have churned out this unique collection which looks like an artist’s paint work. Dressy, suave, modern and impeccably versatile, these have captured the imagination of many.

watercolor rugs

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               Genesis Ashwood/Indigo Blue water color rugs- Jaipur rugs          Genesis Steel Gray/Ashwood water color rugs- Jaipur Rugs

Other Rugs for Spring Decor – 

 Yasmin Mauve/Wistful Mauve bright color rugs- Jaipur Rugs

Yasmin Mauve/Wistful Mauve

Kilan Medieval Blue/Ribbon Red floral rugs- Jaipur Rugs

Kilan Medieval Blue/Ribbon Red

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