Right Material For Rugs

Carpets and rugs are perfect anchors to the design of your living space. For the most part – between figuring out the right sizes, colors and styles – textures are often overlooked, but this feature holds the key to creating a modern, liveable space. To help you decide on the best carpets for your home, here are the many different materials in the world of Jaipur Rugs and when to use it:

Cozy wool rugs

As a naturally stain-resistant material, wool is the most common and classic choice for homes. It’s soft, durable, easy to clean and can add an element of tranquillity and coziness. Wool is the best carpet for living and dining rooms or areas with high traffic but is subject to shedding and fading over time. Although it doesn’t fare as well in humid places, wool is perfect for sound absorption and insulation. For rooms that commit to comfort, pieces from the Jaipur Rugs’ Genesis collection is full of visual interests that spark ideas.


Cozy wool rugs


Exquisite silk rugs

Silk is the pinnacle of luxury thanks to its soft, delicate quality, low-durability and high-maintenance. Like carpets and rugs, this material has a subtle, satiny sheen and allows for exceptionally intricate details to show. Silk works particularly well as a decorative element in low-traffic areas such as the bedroom. Intertwine your home décor with personality using pieces like the Chalk Ki Dabbi for a wonderfully colorful and unconventional uplift.


Exquisite silk rugs

Soft and affordable cotton rugs

Cotton rugs provide a soft underfoot and are easily the most popular choice for living and common rooms. While it’s isn’t as plush or as durable than wool, they are affordable, comfortable and easy to clean. Cotton carpets and rugs came in a variety of weave-styles, patterns, colors, shapes and sizes. The Jaipur Rugs’ in Deep Claret and White is a perfect match for any contemporary homes.


Animal hide rugs

Hides like leather and sheepskins are exquisitely plush. Animal hides are a chic choice as a stylistic statement ideal for draping over the back of a chair or used as a rug for extra warmth and comfort in low-traffic and low-humidity areas like bedrooms or offices. They’re typically available in its natural hide form, color and various sizes.

Naturally rustic rugs

Jute, Sisal and Seagrass are natural fibres that offer a very soft finish with a muted lustrous sheen. They’re versatile, durable, natural and are handwoven or loomed in a variety of techniques to give it its signature coarse texture. These materials are highly absorbent and can shrink or expand with changes in humidity. Jute, sisal and seagrass rugs are an understated statement that works best for high-traffic, low-humidity indoor areas such as the living room. Invite a little bit of nature into your space with our Amillo Jute Rug in Cream – a textural dream of style and ambience.


Manmade rugs

Synthetic materials like viscose, nylon, polyester and polypropylene mimic the look and feel of natural materials. These human-made materials are affordable, durable, workable, easy to clean and stain-resistant but may degrade over time and can be harmful to the environment. Complement grandiose interiors with Jaipur Rugs’ elegant Mezcla in Marine Blue and Liquorice, a mesmerising oceanic design or add a pop of fun with Mixology in White and Blue.