The trend of dhurries is hot in town! And why not. Whether geometric patterns or uni-shade solids, these simple weaves make a perfect choice every home.  We give you five irresistible reasons why dhurries are a shopper’s delight and a great addition to home décor.

An ideal gift-

Dhurries being available in vivid colors and contemporary patterns can be an ideal gifting option if you are looking to gift a dear one something unique. It serves as a great hobby platform. Whether gifting it to a fitness freak or a lazy book lover, a person religiously inclined or someone who loves relaxing to the sound of music; all will be impressed! Jaipur Rugs offers dhurries in various sizes which makes them an ideal choice for any space and any individual.



Dhurries being light are easy to carry and hence are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. On a sunny day when you feel like basking in the sun all you have to do is place your favourite dhurrie in the garden or in a sunny patch and relax. Or when you quickly decide to pack some grub and spend a day out with your family at a scenic spot, all you need is some fresh air and a nice dhurrie to stretch out. Even indoors, dhurries are multifaceted and can be used to accentuate almost any space.  When we talk of spatial transitions in a home like galleries or entrances or hallways where the footfall is heavy, the look of these spaces can be expedited to the next level by quirky dhurries. One of the popular choices these days is runners. A runner dhurrie can be used to separate areas within a room or even in the kitchen. A regular smaller dhurrie can be used in not only on the floor but also as a wall hanging or even as prayer mat.


Available in all materials-

Jaipur Rugs offers a wide variety of dhurrie rugs online in jute, cotton, and wool which makes the flatweaves desirable for any kind of home and city. Traditionally dhurries were woven with cotton fibre with simple patterns or in solids. However with globalisation and pollination of traditions and cultures, the modest Indian dhurrie is now available in wool and jute too making them suitable for all climatic conditions. Moreover jute and hemp have sublime earthen feel to them.

jute dhurries

Amazing patterns by finest designers:

There are various names world over for flatweaves but they aren’t perfectly synonymous with dhurries. Kilims for example originated in Turkey and are famous for their striking patterns that are typical and traditional. Similarly sumaks are thicker dhurries with repeating patterns which are more durable. The original dhurrie was known for simple stripes or plain colors which gave them the advantage of being reversible.

Thanks to the design revolution by our innovative designers and artisans,  flatweaves  are now available in forms of bright geometric patterns, tribal motifs, indigenous designs, and a lot more which has made dhurrie a popular choice.flatweaves

Easy to maintain:-

Flatweaves are made with just the parallel running basic fibre (warp) and those that run along the width (weft). There are no knots in it which makes it easy to maintain and handle. Additionally pets or heavy  foot fall also doesn’t have significant impact on flatweaves and is easy to clean.  Moisture and sunlight are always a persistent threat to most rugs.  However the simple construction of dhurrie rugs makes it durable and resistant to not just weather changes but also to spills. It is easy to clean and makes it an ideal choice for a home with kids or pets. This is why they also make an ideal choice for outdoor family trips.

Flatweaves are also great picks when you need something new to add.  So bring in some fresh energy, warmth and coziness with a nice flatweave for your home.