Pick a Rug before Everything Else

When setting up a new place or revamping a space, what aspects of home decor do you consider first? Furniture, wall accents, curtains or something else? A popular myth that may cloud your mind is to NOT go for a rug first. Here’s the myth buster- always start with the floors when thinking of a decor redo.

It can be a herculean task to do the decor especially if the right planning goes amiss. Hence the two cents that always work are “think of the basics-the floor and the walls.” Whether you are starting from scratch or changing the age old decor that has been in your home for eons and seems unappealing now, floor rugs should be the starting point of a new ambiance.

Here are our top reasons for choosing a rug before any other aspect of décor:

To avoid haphazard color combinations

It is not about picking up a lot of exquisite things but it’s all about picking the things that are in sync. Sometimes the best of furniture, curtains, carpets and other accents may not gel well because of the wrong color and theme combinations. The thumb rule to avoid this problem is to start with choosing floor decor. Area Rugs or large carpets, the choice is yours!


Handmade Rugs- Living Room

Follow the 3Cs

The three Cs of a living room –carpet->curtains->cushions give you a fair idea of the order that is indicative of a broader floor->walls->fill-in space. Generally, people choose a rug based on the color of the walls and the doors. The idea is to have the three elements of a home-floor, wall, and ceiling in a symphony. If you have a wooden (wooden look) floor, you may want to choose a color that enhances the wooden look or something that preserves the purpose of a wooden floor-natural, earthen and all-weather cozy feel. The idea is to create a contrast with the floor color. If it is white like in the case of glazed tiles or marble or granite, you could choose a bright color for creating contrast.


Living room rugs

To choose whether to blend or go for contrast

Once the floor is set, and you have your favorite rug in place, choose other floor elements if you wish to like floor lamps. It’s then time to move to the walls or windows. Curtains are the most important feature of windows or of room partitions. Choose a curtain according to the rug color. It’s not important to go for the same color, contrast is also welcome. However, the contrast should appeal to the eyes. A bright red solid rug and green curtains could be a mismatch.



To choose a themed decor

A popular trend is to opt for a theme in the entire home or multiple themes for different spaces. Bohemian, Scandinavian, eclectic, mild baroque, contemporary, Indian traditional, or any other popular home trend, the rule remains the same. Start with the floor. Once the base is set, the other aspects of decor can be assembled accordingly. For example in a contemporary set up, if you choose an artistic rug, walls can be adorned with modern paintings while the furniture could be simple with plain geometries and in shades of white or light wood.

To demarcate areas in a larger space

Another scenario when placing a rug before setting up other elements could be helpful is when you have a large space that needs to be set up with various functional areas.

The Modern Flat Style

The flat style architecture is extremely popular where the living area, dining space, TV area and a coffee corner all could be in the same space, within unobstructed eye range. If you have the areas in your mind already, it’s time to pick a rug to demarcate them from each other. The living area typically houses a carpet in the center of the sofa space with or without the center table.

To set a specialized space

Setting up a home is one of the most exciting experiences. One always dreams of creating various rooms according to different tastes, hobbies, and of course for their loved ones. In such cases, again choosing a rug first could help you get the required jump-start to build the ideal decor pragmatically.
Pick a Rug for Dining Area

The dining could have another rug, a sturdier one unaffected by chair drags. A wool or a cotton rug is best suited for this space. You could also pick a vibrant carpet for some other area to make sure that it stands out. Hence multiple sub-areas in the same space could be constructed beautifully just on the basis of rugs.



Kids’ Room:

Kids’ room, for instance, could have your child’s favourite theme. Most kids love animals, bright colors, and vivid patterns. Laying their choice of rug could make them ecstatic since a lot of them like to spend their time on the floor. Know more on setting up the kids’ room rugs from our blog.

Similarly, other spaces like your study or yoga/meditation room can be started with a flat woven rug or dhurrie that is in vogue these days.


Bedrooms again are places that one creates according to one’s lifestyle and utility. You could just have bed space and an accompanying study table or a sitting area within your bedroom. If you choose a bedroom rug first, you can think of placing your bed on it or even opt out of the thought. A bedroom could again have multiple rugs. It could be a layered style where a larger rug occupies most of the bedroom space and smaller ones are placed on top of them to create smaller utility areas within the bedroom.


Apartment bedroom rugs

Rugs provide a great foundation for setting up almost any kind of space. With an extensive online carpet collection, Jaipur Rugs provide a base to build almost any kind of décor. Have a great time creating magnificent spaces. Start smart, begin with a rug.