For bibliophiles who enjoy nothing more than getting lost in books, creating a cosy corner at home is essential. Just ask any bookworms what their idea of a perfect day looks like, and you’re sure to hear the words: cosy reading nooks.

While some may find creating a dedicated haven just for books a daunting process, getting creative with your space is all it takes. Whether it’s empty closets, awkward corners or long hallways, read on to find out how you can transform any unused corners into an enticing retreat à la Jaipur Literature Festival. All you need is a combination of good lighting, a comfortable chair and soft furnishings!

The combo:

Good lighting

Having sufficient lighting is a priority. And although setting up near a window that gives lots of natural light is highly favoured among bookworms, using a combination of recessed lighting from the ceiling, combined with a floor or table lamp is another way that can ease eye strain.

Good lighting - home decor- Jaipur Rugs

Comfortable chair

Every reading nook requires comfortable seats, so choose from a range of textiles, shapes and sizes to find one that suits your needs and preference.

Choose comfortable chair for reading book - Jaipur Rugs

Soft furnishings

Carpets and rugs are essential elements to designing a cosy reading nook to retreat to. Those looking to add warmth should opt for thick, deep pile rugs and carpets like Jaipur Rugs’ handmade shag carpets.

Project Error By Kavi  - Wool and Bamboo Silk Hand Knotted Rug - Jaipur Rugs

For accents pieces that are reminiscent of the ‘greatest literary show on Earth‘, eclectic handmade rugs like the Jaipur Wunderkammer by Mateo Cibic collection from Jaipur Rugs make for a vibrant and perfect area divider.

The space:

Odd rooms

Transform rooms with awkward shapes into a bonafide reading sanctuary using low-to-the-ground cushions as seating paired with a strategically placed lighting on a natural carpet or rug like the Natural Santo hemp hand-knotted rug in Cloud White from Jaipur Rugs.

Rugs and Carpets Online- Jaipur Rugs

This pairing is perfect for odd spaces as it brings the focus to the floor to creates an illusion of higher ceilings that enables awkward areas to ‘breathe’.

Corner of a room

Don’t worry if you’re struggling for space as a reading nook requires: a nook. Redesign your living or the bedroom and create a section that doubles as a convertible lounge and reading space.

Corner of a Room as a Reading Nook Requires

In this instance, opt for one lounge chair perched on top of one oversized handmade rug to create a sense of unity that ties all the furniture together. And depending on how much floor space you have left, complete the combo with a table lamp on a small side table or a long floor lamp to add visual length to the room.

Wide hallways and landing areas

Bedouin Jute Flat Weave Rug

Convert this overlooked space into a functional reading nook worthy of an excellent book adventure. How? Optimise the space using a slim modern armchair or wooden bench with plenty of pillows and throws over durable carpets and rugs. Complete the nook with a tall reading lamp or low-hanging pendant light to zone off the area. Browse heavy-duty handmade carpets and area rugs online now.