Imagine if you come back home from an exhausting day to a dull, torpid home with staleness lurking in the atmosphere? It will just dampen your spirits and make you indolent. While stress cannot be destroyed it can be combated well with inner grit and some external factors. It’s scientifically proven that your environment directly impacts your stress levels. We are driven by our five senses- touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Therefore our mind perceives the world around us through our five senses and signals the body to produce hormones in accordance. Ambiances play a great role in nourishing our senses.

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Outdoor spaces:

Creating a de-stressing space for yourself can be a great healer when you need that “me time.” Ingenious decors can face lift outdoor spaces which can become your run-to place for a nice quiet time. Balconies, patios, verandas are being spruced up these days for mind-off moments. If you want an instant face lift for your floors, spread rugs that are durable and uniquely hued like dhurries or something in naturals  to revive your senses. Add in suitable furniture like coffee tables or hammocks or traditional jhoolas, depending on what comforts you, and enjoy your time there with a book and a cuppa coffee.

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Floors of a home create an instant impact on a visitor. Whether designer or subtle, floors can almost boost or denigrate the energy of a house in a jiffy. Again, constructional aspects may not be in your control when choosing a floor for your homes. But there are ways to create floor looks that will help you cope with stress with a “Home sweet home” feeling. One of the ways is choosing the right rug to liven up a place. We all have our “go-to” places when we do not feel up to anything. It could be your bedroom, your lounge, a reading room or just a corner of a big room. You could create such a place with your choice of rug. While the effect of colors varies from person to person, earthen shades are best known to cast a healing spell on people. You could choose a classic Aurora Wool and silk rug  in beige and browns or floral pattern in aqua to set the mood right. Jaipur Rugs has extensive collection in mild colors as a part of the modern collection. Flat quirky weaves best highlight a segment in the room. And it is quite possible that one rug will make it your most favorite part of the room. For example a velvet red or a traditional kilim with a modern twist in tobasco.


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As mentioned earlier color perception is very subjective and some people prefer deeper or brighter shades to derive warmth in stressful situations. Sometimes sober can translate into sombre and mild tones may not help deal with stress all the time. Hence looking at bright shades can perk up not just a house but spirits too. Not just colors, but texture also plays an important role in lightening up minds and relieving stress. To pamper your sense of touch, shags can be the ideal choice of rug. A quick warm shower, a cup of coffee and a nice soft rug beneath your feet to beat a tiring, irksome day.


Walls are connection between ceilings and floors and sometimes they are not just bricks and concrete but a piece of art in themselves. Quirk them up and it can help you feel the Chi of a home. But there are certain specific wall decors that can help in calming your nerves.

One of the most common and effective ways is to dedicate larger wall areas to photographs of your loved ones or your best moments. One look at this and you will get your mojo back.

If your walls need a longer repair treatment like painting and there is still some time for the right season to approach you can use decals, paintings and wall hangings to do the patch work. Remember you need to see only pleasant things when stressed.

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In this segment we wouldn’t talk about the kind of furniture as that will need an entire space in itself. However the arrangement of furniture is very important for positive energy flow. If any piece of furniture obstructs light or air or is not in sync with the harmony of things, then it needs to be rearranged. You would have seen small homes with everything in its place and large homes where everything seems scattered. So it doesn’t matter how big your space is but the choice and placement of furniture does.

-Sofas with thick tapestry may not work for smaller rooms.

-Glass top tables give an illusion of space. Hence they are ideal for smaller spaces.

-Mirrors are reflectors. Never place them in front of doors as they reflect out the incoming energy.

-Ensure that no windows are blocked with chest of drawers or wardrobes or study tables.

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As a rule of thumb the more open your house is, the more positive energy it will attract. Placing too many artefacts and furniture pieces can give it a museum kind of look.

Your home should be the place where your mind is at peace. It is not built of emotions and energies but is rather a reflection of them. At Jaipur Rugs, we keep in mind the ultimate harmony a home should have and design our products that best suit most homes.

Have a stress-free day!!!