As we step into our first month of 2019, we are sure you have your list of resolutions ready. It will be worth investing some resolutions in our living spaces so that we always live in energized, positive homes. Our homes are reflective of our moods, personality and attitude. A home that has an unkempt look shows that it has been ignored. We channelize the energies around us and vice versa.

The age old adage “cleanliness is godliness” is something worth embracing as the coming year provides 365 opportunities to our lives. We bring to you 7 tips which, if followed periodically, will never let depression, boredom and laziness creep into your homes.

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Nay to Cobwebs:

We often pay attention to the floors, furniture and accessible parts of the home. For this reason the walls and the top corners of a house are loved by spiders and other privacy-loving creatures. Cobwebs are a common problem in many parts of the world. Many cultures believe that cobwebs trap positive energies, bring in bad health and ruin harmonious relations. They were not created to instill good habits by fear but interestingly there has been scientific evidence to prove the same. Depending on the kind of country you live in, make it a periodic habit to get rid of cobwebs and spiders and other endemic problems like termites, swarming ants or other bugs.

Laundry vows:

Most of us our regular with our clothes when it comes to laundry and ironing. However there are times when we fail to pay attention to our tapestries, bed linen, cushions and curtains. Out of these bed linen is an extremely important part of our sleep quality by extension of our energy levels. A weekly change of bed sheet, bed cover, pillow covers, mattress vacuuming ensures a great bedroom energy. Also, cloth has a limited life, if you feel a dip in the quality or color of your bed linen, change them immediately.

new home ideas

Embracing vacuuming habits:

The traditional practice of manual dusting may be a great way to clean things which don’t absorb dust but for tapestries, floor rugs and heavy curtains, vacuuming is the best solution. Out of these floor rugs are most susceptible to dust retention as most of the dirt and dust is carried through footwear. Jaipur Rugs offers a variety of handmade rugs suitable for your homes but strongly recommends following some simple rules to enhance a rug’s life.

  • Try cleaning spills with warm water and cloth almost immediately for removing the stains
  • Avoid harsh chemical substances for cleaning.
  • Use hand held vacuum cleaning attachments whenever possible
  • Do not use vacuum cleaner son high power as they will mess up the fibers of the rug.
  • Use canister vacuum cleaners without beater bars as much as possible.
  • Avoid running vacuums over edges and fringes repeatedly as this can damage them.
  • You can periodically use professional cleaning services too.

Vibrant Colors:

While homes have their own personality in terms of designs and colors, bright hues tend to add vibrancy and attract more energy in a home. The entire home doesn’t have to be kaleidoscopic but a few elements can be in brighter hues to add contrast. In the living room, you could opt for bright cushions and rugs to add that much needed dash of colors. For example imagine a yellow carpet in a sober background adding life to any space in your home.

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Monthly Declutter:

If you pay a close look at your home, the place would be rife with things that you don’t really need and are merely dust carriers. While people are regular with disposing off things like newspapers and magazines, there are plenty of trinkets, curios that maybe lying idle, damaged or unused for eons. It’s important to keep things moving and clean. If not then it is better to dispose them for dead things interfere with positive energies.

Elements of Happiness:

There are some elements that may not be a must have part of homes but if incorporated bring in tremendous amounts of change in home attitude.  Fragrances available in form of incense and scents can instantly revive any home atmosphere. Citrus scents are known to overpower fowl smells too. Indoor plants are another important elements that cannot empower homes with fresh energy but also reduce dust and improve air quality. Wind chimes and bells are not just for show. The pleasant tinkling energizes particles around.

New home ideas

One aspect a day:

A house no matter how simple has a plethora of aspects to be taken care of. However it is virtually impossible to tackle all problems together given our packed lifestyle. The mantra is to tackle one space or for that matter one element a day. Of course things that need urgent attention should be tackled immediately which includes stains and spillages. You can maintain a diary for things to be cleaned in addition to the regular chores which could include organizing wardrobes, chesters, racks, drawers, cleaning rugs, changing and cleaning bed linen, organizing kitchen accessories and cleaning equipment and whatever your home needs to stay sharp.

Share your new ideas for home decor this year.

Have a perfect home year!