mothers day with Jaipur Rugs weavers

We at Jaipur Rugs want to take a moment to really appreciate all of the wonderful mothers who make up a large part of our Artisan Community. Without a mother’s love, our rugs would lack both the family’s blessings and soul we’ve always promised.

We believe that the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to showcase the amazing stories of mothers in our artisan community. One such story takes place not too far from our headquarters. In the rural village of Aaspura, Rajasthan, just a two-hour drive from Jaipur, lives a progressive and confident young lady named Rakhi. She is not only one of the most educated women in the village but a caring mother of a rambunctious toddler, Ritesh. The world she knows is dominated by men who make decisions for everyone around them, but not her, she’s cut from a different stone. A stone where she has the strength to be an artisan weaver with an amazing track record with her work and a supermom who finds time to nurture her son and fill him with dreams that she herself never got to realize. She has passed the 12th grade against the wishes of her parents but due to financial restrictions wasn’t able to continue further but she weaves so that those troubles never affect her family, specifically Ritesh.


She has a husband who has a good job and earns enough income to provide enough for the entire to be comfortable so what moves this wonder woman to work, to persevere in the Rajasthan heat, and remain an artisan for years to come? She does it simply because she refuses to be fully dependent on any one person. After her parents created further distance between her and dreams, she has vowed to stand on her own and never create that kind of environment for her son. She has weaved for the past few years and aims to continue it for only large goal, to earn enough money to put Ritesh in the best English Medium School. She wants Ritesh to be the most educated person in her village and find ways to better the lives of his own family and community in the future. Ritesh is only one year old, so there’s a long road ahead but a mother’s love has enough foresight to make sure the foundation for his bright future is set today.



You see, mothers aren’t just loving parents, they are planners, they provide opportunity to those who are under their care, instill wholesome values, they motivate those around them to simply be better versions of themselves, and ensure that children grow up to be responsible and loving members of society. These are the same qualities that made our founder, Nand Kishore Chaudhary, so adamant about recruiting women, mostly moms, to become artisans. With their dedication and organizational skills, he believed that the business would grow into a value-based brand, one where ethics, hard work, and community made their way into the products, and ultimately into the consumers’ hearts and homes.


For a mother, the home is the cradle for which all of her most precious things and people reside. This played an integral part in Jaipur Rugs creating the Doorstep Entrepreneurship model. The company lays importance in keeping family values alive by empowering women of the household to earn a sustainable livelihood right within the confines of their homes. It’s been an ever-pressing endeavour to help more women achieve financial independence without the trappings of a modern day working style, which often pulls people away from families and social duties for extended periods of time. Even though they live in remote villages, the artisans never have to worry about a commute and avoid the difficult decision of working outside the home, which is often not allowed by their male counterparts or elder family members. The artisans also have the benefit of choosing their own working hours, leaving ample time for them to remain committed to their ultimate responsibility of being a great mom. This business model only works because mothers have taken the reins and have implanted themselves in the value chain. They are the first to address problems of both on-time delivery and quality plus they have enough foresight to course-correct even before issues arise. It’s because of their attention-to-detail that Jaipur Rugs has climbed to such great success and while the video above and this blog post are an attempt at saying thank you, their hard work with such grace and humility cannot be thanked or praised enough.



In the words of our founder, “We don’t sell rugs. We sell a family’s blessings. When a customer buys a rug, they are not merely buying a rug; they are buying food for a poor family, medicine for a sick person and/or the education of an underserved child.”


The quote goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, but we believe that there’s a second part of that quote, “it takes mothers to raise a village”. So join us as we make a toast to the daily superheroes, the people who make childbirth, childcare, and family responsibilities seem as if they were simple tasks, a routine part of the day, that they can do with their eyes closed. Help us continue to uplift these women so that they continue to uplift everyone else around them.

While mothers should be celebrated every day, we love this holiday. We’ll be celebrating it along with summertime from May 11-20 by providing a wide selection of rugs, a lot of them handmade by mothers, at prices that make their hard work more accessible to a larger community.

Grab your new rug here to show appreciation for these artisan moms and have a Happy Mother’s Day!