Rain might restrict the movement but not the fun! With a slight swish of your finger, you can tweak your home decor to create a perfect ambiance for your favorite monsoon leisure activity.

1. Nothing like a Tea Party on a rainy day

Planning to enjoy everyone’s favorite beverage on a nice raining afternoon? Perfect. Let’s get started. First, choose your venue. An exterior covered space could be a game-changer. It could be your verandah or a covered terrace, or any other comfortable space that gives you a nice monsoon view. A nice bright rug can certainly be your pick for a peppy décor that sets a perfect rainy ambiance. You can add plants to accentuate the look and complement them with natural fiber rugs to bring attention to the earthen feel.

Monsoon Decor- home tea party


2. Stealing solitary moments?

Why set up a place only for others? How about creating the much-needed monsoon ‘me’ time? Binge-watch your favorite series or write down your thoughts in a diary or read that long-due book while listening to your favorite music, or maybe paint your mood on canvas, do whatever you really want to and give yourself a break.

Book Reading session with friends - Monsoon Decor

A traditional ikat style rug elevates mood and helps in enhancing creativity while an artistic rug will bring out the artist in you.

3. Invite a coffee-cookie friend

Rains also mean a time for a “heart to heart” talk with your ‘bestie.’ All you need to do is put two bean bags with a coffee table on a soothing rug and cup your hands around the coffee mug, the mind shall then automatically speak of itself. You don’t need a therapist to get you talking! Get yourself drenched in the shower of raindrops and pour out the long-kept secrets.  A round rug is also a great way to enhance the look of a coffee table.

coffee-cookie friend Monsoon Decor

4. Movie and popcorn plan?

Have you chosen a favorite “whodunit” or a thriller flick? Well then let’s spread shag in your TV area, a comfy sofa, couch with some cushions and throws. Remember to keep a stock of snacks and beverages within your reach to avoid hindrances. The nimbus laden sky provides the perfect dark lighting for movies. A low seating arrangement or floor seating is also in trend these days. For such a seating style, a comfortable hand-tufted rug would make a great deal.

5. Book Reading session with friends

Another popular indoor activity that began in modern-day cafes is book reading and discussion sessions. This has moved to homes as a great bonding activity. You could create a varied ambiance with a brightly hued large oversized carpet. Lighting can be an excellent mood creator here.

You can add a few other elements like plants, fragrances, paintings or other forms of art to uplift your mood on that soothing rainy day. The idea is to create a space that makes your heart go dancing when it rains. Jaipur Rugs has a collection for every weather and for every home. All you have to do is pick one that blends in or stands out.