Jaipur Architecture- Ideas for Home Décor


Jaipur’s leitmotif is perhaps one of the most distinctively opulent; with themes of kingship, power and traditions radiating from corner to corner at every eclectic nook. Visitors who chance upon the Pink City experience a ubiquitous journey full of historical charm and colours. The most remarkable aspect of this 18th-century city is, of course, its peculiar and wondrous beauty that reveals a glimpse into an immaculately designed old-world.

Jaipur Wunderkammer, the new collection from Jaipur Rugs by Matteo Cibic, offers a piece of Jaipur architecture to invigorate your space back home. Inspired from the city’s impressive designs and splendid artistry, here’s how you can enamour your home with traditional Indian interior design, Jaipuri eclecticism and handmade rugs.


Jaipur Wunderkammer by Matteo Cibic

Make a big statement with carpets and rugs in geometric prints

The versatility of geometric patterns can accommodate a range of styles and tastes – and when used right, can even introduce an enchanting symmetry of repeated patterns in any space. The geometric pieces in the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection feature varying degrees of shapes and lines to produce a hypnotising effect.

Upgrade and complement any room with the new wool and viscose hand-tufted rug in Powder Blue (RUG1093777) for a dreamy, Wes Anderson-esque aesthetic. Transcend the expected geometric trend in true Jaipur fashion with this surrealist’s mashup of organic trelliswork through a contemporary viewpoint. Here, the electrifying straight powder blue lines are contrasted with an overlapping zigzag pattern in the city’s iconic pink hue.

And for those wanting to make an even bigger and bolder statement at home, Jaipur Wunderkammer’s Tea Rose rug (RUG1093796) is the perfect juxtaposition of hypnotising and tranquillising effect. Inspired by the play of light and shadows from the architectonic sundial, this handmade carpet is a hybrid of parametricism, symmetry and wondrous curiosity.

geometric prints designer rugs

Carry a piece of city’s vibrant architecture with Jaipur Rugs

Reinvent the styling wheel of your space by introducing a piece of the Pink City’s distinctive flavour and transform your living space with a fearless show of vibrant history. Whether it’s the living room and passageways or the master and even children’s bedrooms, invite guests to step back in time and experience marvellous palatial living.

Set the tone of the room with the BlueBell rug (RUG1093585) from the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection. The hand-tufted stately scene complete with Jaipuri style balconies, stone lattice screens and windows of the palace quarter is a picturesque sight to behold. Complement with muted décor for a delicate appeal or contrast with bright pieces for a conversation-starter glamour.


Capture the essence of all things vogue, whimsy and extraordinary with the Purple Velvet rug (RUG1093583) – a kaleidoscopic beauty of ceremonial and divine adornment in an abstract, cosmic-like arrangement. Let this beauty be a stunning centrepiece in any room alongside classic heirloom furniture for a timeless anecdotal marvel.

To view the full collection, browse Jaipur Wunderkammer by Matteo Cibic and floor your guests with these rugs online.