Carpets and rugs often come as an afterthought in many homeowner’s designing processes, typically resulting in two common interior decorating nightmares: where the chosen carpet is too small or too big for the intended room. While we’re not one to marry any decorating rules, trust us when we say that finding and selecting the right handmade rug can dramatically alter a room’s overall effect. To help you master carpet styling like a pro, here’s Jaipur Rugs’ breakdown on how to make a room look bigger with rugs and carpets.

How to make a small room look bigger?

Working with limited dimensions doesn’t automatically mean a limited selection of quality rugs. Today’s availability of area rugs online means that there’s always plenty of options to choose from even if it is for handmade carpets on the smaller side. A good rule of thumb to follow that can help alleviate the aesthetics of a smaller room without suffocating it is to choose a rug size scaled to the room and placed strategically to the arrangement of furniture.

make a room look bigger by choosing right size rug - Jaipur Rugs

One way to create the illusion of a bigger space in a smaller room is to allow a certain amount of the floor to be visible around the edge of the room. How? Line furniture proportionally along a wall and place the chosen handmade rug inches away from the same wall and under the front legs of the furniture. The subtle break in floor and wall space creates proportions and an illusion of depth.

For open-plan living spaces:

Open living spaces call for large quality carpets to adequately anchor a room. The trick to styling open-plan rooms is to strike a happy balance so that the rug is large enough to become the focal point of one area yet small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the overall space.

living-room-rugs by Jaipur Rugs

The best approach to divide and compartmentalise the different rooms in an open-plan space is to choose a quality carpet with ample surface area for all your furniture to sit on. For instance, separate your living room from the rest of the space by placing a sizeable handmade rug like Jaipur Rugs’ wool and viscose hand-tufted rug in lotus bloom pattern from the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection to help define and ground the living area.Lotus bloom - Jaipur Wunderkammer- By Jaipur Rugs

Bonus tip: maintain that spaciousness that you get in an open-plan room by steering clear of using and placing multiple smaller handmade rugs to avoid a crowded look and feel.

For hallways:

Rooms with little to no furniture like the hallways can be tricky to style, and there’s a common misconception that its long and narrow dimensions mean only smaller-sized carpets and rugs fit for purpose here – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Runner Rugs by Jaipur Rugs

The trick to making tight spaces like hallways feel larger and bigger lies in finding the perfect long runner rugs as it can visually elongate the area. Just ensure that the chosen runner leaves enough floor space around the edges! We recommend ordering custom-made sizes for the best carpet option to suit the area.

Now go forth, use Jaipur Rugs’ tips and make your room feel bigger with just carpets and rugs.