Choosing a Right Kids Room Rug - Jaipur RugsDecorating a kid’s room can be fun, but the choices can be overwhelming. To save you from getting lost in the labyrinth of the world of handmade kids room rugs, we have put together a step by step guide to help you choose the perfect rug for your kid’s bedroom.

The first thing to get out of the way is getting the measurement right. Kids generally have small beds, but a lot of other paraphernalia in the room so make sure that you choose a slightly larger size rug, which gives them a larger surface to goof around on.

Where to place it?

In a kid’s bedroom, it is important that a significant portion of the rug is on the sides of the bed. Smaller rugs on the sides of the bed or at the end of the frame are a great idea for covering space. If you are decorating on a budget, runners are a pocket-friendly option when thinking of decorating a kid’s room.


kids room rugs - Where to place it

What type of rug to select?

For a kid’s room, durability is of utmost importance. Kids can be messy and their toys that have wheels can easily damage a bad quality rug. Also, synthetic fibres are a total no, no for the kid’s room as you don’t want the chemicals causing irritation to their delicate skins. Make sure you choose wool or cotton rugs for the kid’s room. Flatweaves or even good quality tufted rugs are the ideal solutions to all your needs.

A kid’s room is generally very playfully designed and it gives you a lot of room for creativity. Going for interesting shape rugs rather than the usual rectangle is a great idea for a unique room. Jaipur Rug’s Kidzie collection has some really fun designs and unusual shapes for rugs for the kid’s bedroom.

Kidzie Pink TintLight Sea Mist by Jaipur Rugs                                     kidzie wisteria milky blue rug -Kids room rugs by Jaipur Rugs

Securing the rug

Another very important factor in a kid’s room is their safety. A rug has to not only endure wear and tear in a kid’s room but also ensure their safety. You do not want the rug in your child’s room to slip and cause her any harm. Therefore, a good quality rug pad is a must-have for the rugs in your kid’s room. A rug pad will keep the rug in its place and help avoid slippage.  Know more here


Securing the kids room rug with rug pads

A rug can add real warmth and a dash of comfort to your kid’s space, just go with your instinct and make your child’s room come alive.