The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means we’ll be welcoming a period of celebrations and family gatherings in the blink of an eye. While each family brings its own Christmas traditions forward, the holiday decoration ideas can always benefit from an update.

Whether you like to celebrate the festive season in style or pared-down and as simple as possible, Jaipur Rugs’ expert interior decorators are here to give the low-down on a few easy updates for the holiday season.

DIY wreath: foraged foliage

Get foraging and fashion your Christmas wreath from twigs and dried flowers accessorised with fragrant herbs and decorative ornaments for a DIY wreath that smells as good as it looks.

Elevated floorspace: transform your lounge

Basis Wool and Viscose Hand Loom Rug

As with most holidays and family occasions, the living room will be the highlight of the house so elevate your floorspace this festive season with handmade rugs. Tie the assortment of Christmas décors together by finding and featuring one focus colour in your handmade carpet. Quality carpets and rugs in solid colours such as Jaipur Rugs’ Basis Wool and Viscose Handloom Rug in Tabasco are a great way to accentuate the festive aesthetic with its lustrous finish.

Golden glow: create a cosy atmosphere


Amplify the festive spirit at home by accentuating the warmth and cosiness of Christmas using candles and fairy lights against jewel tones. Mix and match the home decoration in various textures and textiles to achieve a welcoming yet sophisticated ambiance. Dark handmade carpets like Jaipur Rugs’ Floret Wool and Silk Hand-Knotted Rug in Dark Frost Gray and Brilliant Blue makes for an elegant and illuminating backdrop at home.

A Citrus Christmas: incorporating fresh citrus

Add some tropical cheer and a burst of unexpected colour (plus scent) to your holiday home décor this season. Use dried citrus slices as ornaments in your tree and garlands or style centerpieces and the dinner table with this tropical fruit to spruce things up.

Festive kitchen: bring the holiday cheer in the cooking area

The cooking area often gets forgotten during decorating sprees so this year, look to extend the holiday cheer into the heart of the home. Transform the space and keep it functional with a simple garland or wreath hung on the ceiling, a small tree on the counter top and Christmas ornaments hung on cabinet knobs.

Bold artwork: wall hangings

Macramé wall hangings are currently on the rise as the number one home decorating item for holiday decoration of the moment. Incorporate this trending piece and swap out your everyday art with textile wall hangings for added cheer at home. Better yet, make an even bigger statement by hanging stunning handmade carpets as a wall tapestry. Browse Jaipur Rugs’ area rugs online for an unconventional twist on textile art.

Elegant gift wrapping: create a cohesive palette

Whether you’re going for a glittery, glam Christmas or clean, minimal vibe this festive season, create eye-catching gifts by matching your holiday wrappers to your home décor for a fashionable statement.

How will you be decorating this holiday season?