General Advice for Buying A Rug

Rugs have long been the heart and soul of interior decorating throughout time. Whether you’re at Château de Versailles, Gianni Versace’s mansion or your best friend’s home, you’ll see that carpets and rugs are a running theme – and for good reasons too.

After all, they are plush, exquisite, and a stunning reflection of craftsmanship. But the thing with rugs, especially in today’s day and age, is the wealth of choices on the market. And that means navigating your way to find the best area rugs online. To help you make the right rug choice for your home, here’s Jaipur Rugs’ expert advice for buying the best area rugs online.

1. Consider the area

Now before you decide on a style of carpets and rugs, one of the more crucial things you have to consider is the condition of the room. Factors like humidity and foot traffic are essential aspects that will ultimately dictate the rug’s durability and suitability.

Areas like the hallway and kitchen, for instance, tend to receive much higher foot traffic than say the bedroom. So durable materials and styles should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing the best carpets for your space. Flatweave rugs with low pile in either wool or other natural fibers like sisal are a great choice that can withstand wear and use.


Consider the area

2. When it comes to rugs, size matters

The general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a quality carpet is that the bigger is better and measure, measure, measure! Measuring your space and understanding the dimensions you need for the room is a necessary step in your carpet buying process to avoid creating the ‘floating’ rug look. As the name suggests, the floating rug look happens when carpets or rugs do not touch any furniture and are too small for the room size.


3. Unconventional shapes may suit your space

While most would tend to opt for standard rectangular carpets and rugs, know that unconventionally shaped rugs may suit your space just as well. Consider buying unique shapes like Jaipur Rugs’ London Fog from the Jaipur Wunderkammer collection by Matteo Cibic for a bold yet understated appeal with its graphic, architectural form or match a large circular rug to an open-plan space to make an effortless styling choice.


4. Coordinate the colors

These days, striking colors are the trend du jour in the world of carpets and rugs. In terms of hue, there’s bright and zingy, deep and earthy and even pale and plain. To buy rugs that are uniquely yours, consider your tonal preference and where it sits as it will likely become the main focal point. Showcase your personality with bold patterns and colors or blend in beautifully with rugs in light hues.


Coordinate the colors

5. Think of the aftercare

Depending on the type and materials used, some rugs are easy to care for, while others require high-maintenance and upkeep. For starters, flatweaves and low pile handmade rugs need simple maintenance, whereas deep or high pile are the opposite. Take the time to consider all aspects and be honest because you’ll need to commit to the aftercare to make the rug last for years to come.