Fun Children's Room RugsDurable and cheerful, rugs in your children’s room keep them safe from allergens and scrapes, while adding a pop of colour to the décor

Your children’s room is a sanctuary that nurtures their hopes and dreams, a space where they grow, learn and explore. Naturally, this tiny universe needs to give wings to their imagination with the right décor and design, while keeping them healthy and safe.

An element which plays a key role is a carpet. Area rugs can cushion the child’s fall and act as a dust buster, absorbing grime, keeping kids’ allergy free. What’s important is to find the right floor rugs that are not only long lasting, absorbing spills and preventing scrapes, but are also comfortable for bare feet to run around.

Bright and beautiful, Jaipur Rugs’ area carpets are perfect to place in your toddler or tween’s room. Whether you want to decorate a nursery, a toddler’s room, or a teenager’s space, our rugs have the tones and textures that give you the look you want. You can explore our area rugs online here.

area rugs for children room

Adds a soft cushioning to the floor: Your child’s safety is paramount in a bedroom, especially if your home has slippery surfaces. For toddlers learning to crawl or babies starting with their first steps, a rug breaks the fall. The cushioning keeps them safe at every stumble and misstep. It is advisable to anchor the carpet to the floor to prevent it from shifting. Jaipur Rugs’ lush hand-tufted lovely 100 % wool Coastal View rugs with starfish have been inspired by the ocean and add a pop of vibrant color to the room. Perfect for a nursery and your toddler to crawl on.

Provides a pop of color to the room:

You can decorate a child’s room with a dash of playfulness using patterns, colors, and styles. If you choose a bold color or print for your wall, you can choose a deep contrasting carpet or a neutral rug that complements the walls. Jaipur Rug’s brightly patterned reversible and durable flatweave dhurries combine patterns with a modern palette. Add modern designs to your room with our Urban Bungalow flat weaves made from 100% wool that come in contemporary styles and joyful colors.

Provides a pop of color to the roomHelps absorb dust: Contrary to popular belief, carpets mitigate dust allergens by absorbing them, rather than by adding to the problem. Carpets do not cause asthma or allergies, as per multiple international studies, and in fact, reduce asthma symptoms. We suggest that you get rid of the trapped dust and particulate matter in the rugs by regular cleaning through vacuuming, to remove the allergens completely from your home.

Clutter-free your room with rugs: Best area rugs are terrific substitutes for unnecessary furniture in the room.  Doing away with Lilliputian sized tables and chairs, a rug is where the mother and child can bond over puzzles and playthings. A soft rug that is durable and natural is perfect to keep the child safe and comfortable for hours over time, making your room more spacious. Our Hula hand-woven natural hemp rugs with their colorful flower motifs are ‘green’ carpets that are safe for a toddler to play on.

Protects the flooring: Scratches, spills and other mishaps happen frequently and daily in a child’s room. A carpet or a rug prevents the hardwood or marble floor from bearing the brunt of this. A helpful tip is to opt for a nylon or part synthetic rug which is easier to clean. A good scrub will keep the carpet clean and the floor as good as new.

Protects the flooring with kids room area rugsInsulates the room from noise: One of the biggest benefits of rugs is that it absorbs noises not only in the space it occupies but also from outside. So for a teenager immersed in studies or a baby who needs to sleep through the day, a carpet is a must. It muffles the sounds and keeps the room noise-free.  


Durable and cheerful, rugs in your children’s room keep them free from allergens and scrapes, while adding a pop of color to the decor. Share your ideas for kid’s room rugs below in the comments section!!