“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the madness called modern life, it is a touch of nature that calms and nourishes our souls. While the pitter patter outside evokes the sublime petrichor, Jaipur Rugs brings to you a rejuvenating palette of “raining” hues through our collection of handmade rugs that add natural grace to any home.

Exploring Nature with Jaipur Rugs

Our handmade rugs are a direct reflection of the weaver’s imagination who create magnificence inspired by nature. It is our colors, patterns, material and styles that together create the natural ambiance accentuating your home. Let’s look at some of the factors in choosing a rug that can help bring mother nature home


The Right Color Mix for Natural Bliss

Add a dash of blue: The mellow shades of blue are known to play the tunes of calm and harmony. If your drapery or tapestry is in neutral shades like beige, white, cream, brown, etc, a mark of blue on the floor can accentuate the interiors. Choose a solid blue for elegance, a patterned chicory blue for style or a pastel floral turquoise for an artistic touch. If you have a naturally sun bestowed bright room, a soft aqua blue could neutralize the lighting in the room. If you are trying to break the shackles of monotony this season, an amethyst twist may be the first step to flamboyance. Check out more shades of blue offered by Jaipur Rugs.



Fresh whiff of green dew: Bearing oodles of freshness, comes green to your home! The diverse shades that the color offers changes the complexion and aura of a set up. Add a rich emerald green patterned rug for regalia or a fresh grass green to get a close-to-nature feel. Sometimes a humble lime green may be the game changer for your interiors. Jaipur Rugs offers an enticing range of shades of green carpets for the fresh interior you desire.

Blushing pink: Nothing enhances grandeur more than earthen pinks. The soft fuschia rug can bring in the much needed coziness to any corner or a room. A rosy hued rug is perfect for introducing a blend of warmth and coolness to any space. Add in tea lights and the atmosphere is perfect for a monsoon tea party.


connect to nature 3


Creating the earthen look with beige and brown: There’s no denial that brown shades are extremely versatile and blend well with any decor. But that’s not the only effect they add. Brown also ads depth and lusciousness to any interior. While beige teams up with any color to provide the right base. We provide a variety of online carpets in this shade spectrum as it is one of the most popular choices for home rugs.

Natural Fibre Rugs

It is not just about colors when it comes to adding the terrine dimension to your home. Certain fabrics and material are perfect for adding a serene touch straight from the nature’s lap. Jute and Hemp are two such fibres whose gentle weave is comforting to the foot.  Jute grows in lustrous, green stalks that are soaked, stripped, and spun before weaving. This process gives the fibers a natural brown color that can be altered using dying techniques. However if you are looking for durability, hemp scores over jute. At Jaipur rugs, natural dyes from plant sources are also used to enhance the rug look. Visit our site to check out our jute rug collection.


Patterns That Invoke Nature

Of course the modern, eclectic, transitional or solid patterns are all time favourites, but who doesn’t like experimenting. Here are some sure bets that will give your home a never-seen-before trendy look. Our designers keep in mind the ways to break monotony without going overboard. And these designs are well suited for any home.

-Coastal Rugs collection by Jaipur Rugs has been created specially for the aquatic theme that’s an instant connect. Take a plunge and explore.

Connect to nature

Floral Rugs can  instantly beautify any floor and bring in the always needed artistic touch to a home.

Establishing the natural connect through the right carpet colors and texture is essential for any modern day home. Through the right combinations one can bring in refreshing look of nature as a part of a home’s ambiance. Greens, blues and what else makes your home look like an earthen bliss, let’s explore.