Entrance spaces are a prelude to a home. The vibes that radiate as you enter a house determine the entire energy of your living space that defines your home. 

Artsy, regal, minimal or earthy-Your home’s entrance gives a sneak peek into the interior delights that awaits a visitor. But it is not just fundamental for casting that first impression. Your entryway is also the nodal energy space of your house. Many Vastu consultants and Feng Shui specialists emphasize the importance of having a vibrant entryway to ward off negativity and bring in peace, harmony and prosperity into a home. Rugs, interestingly can spruce up the look of any space and give it an enchanting feel. But one has to be judicious in choosing the style, color and material of the rug as a lot depends upon the type of entryway your home hosts.

Bringing to you three most popular entryways and some rug ideas to spruce them up in a jiffy.


The old indomitable charm of the quaint verandah will never fade away. The modern independent houses still like to open with a verandah that’s now known by various names based on their roof style. Gable, Decking, Sunroof, or the all time favorite pavilion style. Based on the your interiors, you can choose a modern patterned rug or something that provides the perfect transition between the nature outside and the ambiance inside. One of the most popular choice is a natural styled rug that makes the entrance more welcoming.

enchanting entrances-2


This is the most popular style for apartments but is being incorporated in contemporary independent houses as it provides a relief space before entering the actual home space. This space can be utilised as a gallery for displaying pictures, photos or paintings. It can also be your guest’s look-check space if you go for a mirror. These spaces can be accentuated by runner styled rugs that enhance the hallway floor giving it a new dimension.

Sometimes the hallways culminate in a smaller area that is a waiting lounge or a breather area that creates a bridge between a formal sitting area and the entrance.  A smaller rug in the area can be the perfect entry swag.

Contemporary entrances

Other than the hallway and Verandah styles, the newer homes have unconventional styles that are utility or style based. The staircase areas that define the entrance of many homes are being expanded in terms of space and they provide quirky spaces for multiple purposes. It can serve as a reading space, an informal sitting room, or just your laze about space. Depending on the space, it can be differentiated from rest of the area with bright hued rugs or geometric styled rugs that blend with the floor yet stand out.

enchanting entrqnces-3

While your choice of colors and rugs depends a lot on the personality of your house and your own choice, a right guide to colors and décor can help channelize thoughts and help make the right choice.

Share your ideas of making entryways your first impression in comments section below!!!