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One of the most impactful pieces of décor to grace your home is the rug. So, selecting the right rug lays the foundation for the look and feel of your room. Despite numerous options, you might still not be able to find just what you are looking for. Sometimes more color options or size options are not enough to fulfill what you are looking for. In such a scenario we at Jaipur Rugs provide you custom rug services to help you create your unique rug from scratch.

How to Order a Custom Rug?

Traditionally, it takes a person years to master the craft of designing rugs. But with Jaipur Rugs we assist you in designing the rug of your dreams using the exact specifications you need.

The right place to start the process of a custom rug is by putting down the specific needs of the customer and freezing on a concept. Once the concept is final our experts guide you with selecting the exact design. They share the modifications required to produce the design successfully. Our team helps you pick the right colors and materials after finalizing the design.

Based on the design, colors, and material our team creates a digitally generated mock of your rug. It helps you understand how it will look once finished. Once approved, we send the design to our weavers who send back a swatch to give us an idea of the actual look and feel of the custom rug.

Once we get a go-ahead from you, we send the rug for weaving at one of our looms located in a village in the Indian hinterland.

Customising a Manchaha

At Jaipur Rugs, we take customisation to another level. We give you the option of making a Manchaha Custom rug based on your brief. To understand that let us first tell you what is a Manchaha rug. The Manchaha initiative is an internationally recognised and awarded initiative. Under this, weavers from villages in Rajasthan become the designers of their own rugs. For the first time ever, they work freely on an unassuming loom creating pieces of art one knot at a time.

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To take this initiative further, Jaipur Rugs offers you the opportunity to choose a weaver on its website and give her a brief of the design you want. She will then use her imagination and create a custom rug for you to create a one-of-its-kind Manchaha Artisan Rugs just for you.

There is no better way of creating something that is so well suited for your home. A bespoke rug is simply a way of creating art that cannot be replicated.

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