Decorate home with handmade floral rugs - Jaipur RugsOf all the rug designs out there, the most popular and widely available one is the floral design. Floral rugs have been around for centuries and have stood out as an evergreen trend. You can find them on modern-day carpets as well as antiques that graced palaces and forts. A bright floral carpet is a perfect way to add an organic touch to modern and traditional spaces and only with floral rugs can you bring home the vibe of the varied gardens of the world. This is one design pattern that instantly adds freshness and cheer to a space.

Different Types of Floral Rugs

With floral rugs, you will always have a wide variety to choose from. You can pick floral rugs in bold and bright colors or soft and single-hues or even in black and white tones as per your need. A bright floral rug can really be the centerpiece of your room’s décor and set the mood for the rest of the space. When selecting one for your space, you can also pick from a number of different sizes of the floral motifs. Most floral carpets fit nicely into three décor categories: vintage, modern, and traditional, which gives you a lot of room to play with.

TAQ 104 hana navajo red marigold floral rug

Patterns that Go with Floral Rugs

While the possibilities are immense, you can use stripes, dots, block prints, and small geometric designs like diamonds in your décor to match with floral rugs. If you are unsure about mixing patterns try to use a single color and continue with it throughout the décor.

Patterns to go with floral rugs

Décor Ideas with Floral Rugs

If you pick a bold floral rug, you can use it in the center of the room as the main décor piece. Floral rugs are also a great option for entryways as they look very refreshing and welcoming in these spaces. You can give your room an artsy feel by picking a large colorful floral rug pattern and keeping the rest of the room muted. Or you can keep the colors of the floral rug muted and pair it with different décor styles. Depending on the rug you choose, you can fit a floral rug in a romantic, classic, baroque, or neutral and modern setting.

Once you browse through the Jaipur Rugs collection of floral rugs their versatility will make it your go-to choice for the perfect décor setting.

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