Decor Trends 2018While classic, elegant design is always future proof, you can take cues from prevailing décor trends to stay ahead of the curve

Good design is timeless. And smart designers know how to combine the latest novelties into existing décor—a perfect combination of the fashionable and the time-honoured. The trends sweeping the design world this year have an underlying theme ‘less is more.’ Going back to the basics, a generous splash of earthy colours and an affinity for natural textures are a nod towards conserving the environment.

How do you update your home according to current trends? Our design experts at Jaipur Rugs suggest that you add a theme to your home’s interiors. Update your dwelling with a vintage look or give it a boho chic slick makeover, or whatever trend catches your fancy. Or play smart and add accessories to mix it up, such as light-toned textured pillows contrasted with area rugs in deep hues.

One trend which will never go out of style is minimalism. Combined with sustainability, the minimalistic aesthetic is slowly becoming deeply ingrained in our lives. In design, we can see its influence in the resurgence in traditional art practices and handicrafts, all fashioned with modern aesthetics.

So, wait no longer and update your home with these slick trends this year.

Back to the basics—Take the guesswork out of decorating and opt for a palette of primary colors, accents in basic shapes and motifs dominated by repetitive geometric patterns. Create a bold look with color blocking in bright shades such as sunshine yellow, peachy orange, and fiery reds. Add elements such as versatile best area rugs to transform your living space. The magical worlds of artist Paul Gauguin and marine conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau are seeing a reprise, with reinterpretations of botanic and marine life in lifelike proportions. Turn to nature, the simplest and most compelling approach to add life to a room. The monstera deliciosa or the ficus benjamina will add a tropical touch to its ambience.

Back to the basics - Rug trends 2018
A sense of space—Given our fast-paced lives, create a sanctuary in your home using visual cues to create an aura of peace and serenity.  Construct an illusion of space by veering towards lighter colors to make a room look bright and airy. Choose from tints in white, beige, and pastels to render spaces bigger. These soothing color schemes are in line with the minimal trend to simplify the way we live our lives.

A curation of colors—The rule this year is that there are no rules, except that your selection of an interior theme should depend on your mood, personality, and the stage you are currently in your life. If you’re dreaming about the South Pacific, compose your interiors with indigo accents on milky white to imagine a life on the emerald isles with azure waters and silvery sand. Celebrate your childhood with walls and floor rugs in ice cream-toned pastels. Earthy hues are in, such as natural ombre. And lastly, vintage sees a huge comeback in homes, so get ready to scour flea markets and antique stores for charming picks.

 Volume and scale—One of the hottest themes for the season is a larger-than-life approach to décor. Basic shapes in voluminous proportions make your home look ornamental and in-trend. The considerable scale outshines the intricate patterns and chaotic motifs, proving size matters if elegantly refurbished.

The shape of things – Shapes enjoy their season in the sun this year, with earthy, low key hues playing second fiddle to contours. Round, oval, asymmetrical frames, and typically geometric shapes in inventive color blocking tints can accentuate your space. Add oval mirrors or circular area carpets to enhance your space.

A textured present – As green design becomes increasingly popular, so has the use of natural fibres such as jute and hemp in our homes. Juxtapose these fabrics with light-weight, soft cotton and linens for curtains or shaggy rugs and striped or geometric-patterned monochrome dhurries to add an earthy, environmental friendly element to your home, such as our Calypso collection. Handwoven from natural jute, it is available in a broad palette of shades from rich jewels tones such as cool aqua and red oxide to functional neutrals such as medium gold.

A textured present - Rug Trends 2018

Sustainable living—Living responsibly has emerged as one of the most transformative lifestyle concepts in the recent past. As the global conversation moves towards eco-consciousness, new concepts and awareness have emerged in the segment of interiors and décor. The use of natural, sustainable materials, responsibly sourced raw materials and fair practices in manufacturing to create products with longevity and minimal impact on the environment, are growing. As a socially conscious enterprise, Jaipur Rugs provides a sustainable livelihood to the rural poor in the remotest villages of India through skill training, education, healthcare, and leadership training, creating a positive impact right at the grassroots level.