The days of using wall-to-wall carpeting are long gone, but carpets and rugs are continually enjoying its moment in the spotlight within the realm of interior and design. These days with designer collaborations injecting a fresh, fashion-forward edge to handmade rugs, modern-day rug designs and colors now add pizzazz and a touch of extravagance to any space it graces.

As with most designs and textiles, carpets have trends that evolve over time. Truth is, many patterns and styles have come and gone as seasons do. That said, a few key designs and colors have garnered cult status among interior designers, experts, and even enthusiasts. Meet Jaipur Rugs’ most popular carpet designs and colors: the Far East collection, Project Error by Kavi and the Tussore collection.

Far East Collection

As one of the most popular transitional designs here at Jaipur Rugs, handmade carpets from the Far East Collection merges glorious old-world patterns and the erasure design style in wondrous color combinations – think light turquoise with lime green, blue blush with green glacier or shell coral with tabasco. Our most popular are, of course, a more muted color combination of pearl and skyline blue, as well as caramel and leather brown.

Far East Caramel/Leather Brown Rug or Carpet By Jaipur Rugs

Handmade rugs from the Far East Collection are distinctive in flavor and sets a spirited mood for a home. Visually, the magnetic patterns offer a stylishly edgy aesthetic to become the pulse of the room. Buy carpets from this range to add an eloquent dash of charm and luxury!

Project Error by Kavi

Carpets and rugs in the Project Error by Kavi collection celebrates the beauty of blunders and errors. Each handmade rug in this range explores the exquisite intricacies of human spontaneity with no constraints. The result is a juxtaposed and misalignment of harmonious patterns that are timelessly contemporary and divine.

Project Error By Kavi- ESK-663_- Popular Rug Design

These wool and bamboo silk rugs are hand-knotted in subtle color combinations of soft grey and natural beige or beige and blush – two of the most preferred color combos here at Jaipur Rugs. The structure simplicity from this collection creates a calming yet uplifting mood for any space. They’re perfect for Nordic or Japanese-inspired homes and spaces.

Tussore collection

Oriental patterned carpets and rugs often capture the essence of all that is traditional and opulent. Handmade rugs in the Tussore collection are the best carpets that epitomize a moody, atmospheric blend of Persian, Oriental and traditional Indian interior design aesthetics. One look at the poetic craftsmanship in the Tussore range and you’ll be captivated by its melodic beauty.

The Tussore range champions the Orientalist worldwide and is best suited as a classic statement piece for your home. Invite a slice of old-world charm and evoke an artistic flair of seasons past. Carpets and rugs from the Tussore range are available in a multitude of color palettes that are warm, rich and adventurous with an antiquated feel.

For those of you searching for area rugs online, browse carpets and rugs from these three collections from Jaipur Rugs for a fail-safe choice that is bold, beautiful and timeless. Happy shopping!