Kitchen Rugs: Rugs in Unique Places

Rugs in a living room, bedroom, foyer, or study are all but essential. But there are places in your home that you generally don’t think of decorating with a rug. The kitchen often called the heart of the home, is one such place that gets ignored.  As people spend more time at home, especially in kitchens – the idea to transform this overlooked space is inevitable. If you look around for décor ideas for the kitchen you will get plenty of stuff on the materials you should use for cabinets, floor, tiles, and other gadgets. But there is very little to guide to on how to buy Kitchen Rugs ?

We have got you covered on that front. In this post, we will share some ideas on how to decorate your kitchen with Handmade Rugs.

Purpose of kitchen Rugs

Firstly, let’s understand the purpose of the kitchen area rugs. Like any other part of the home, an area rug has two key roles in the kitchen: 1.  It is the central decorative piece and it adds comfort and cushioning under your feet to make cooking enjoyable. 2. If you have an open kitchen then it can help demarcate the sitting area. By placing handmade rugs here, you will instantly add texture and color to your floor and give it an interesting twist.


Purpose of kitchen Rugs

Types of area rugs for a kitchen

It really depends on the size of your kitchen, but usually, you will find the runner rugs suit area the best. In the case of an open kitchen format, a rectangle or even round rug can suit the space. Wool, cotton, viscose, and jute are some materials that can work best and can be easy to clean. The right rug style or design of the rug often depends on the décor theme of the home. But designs like floral rugs, traditional rugs, oriental motifs, kilims, and certain flatweaves can make a kitchen really stand out.


Types of kitchen rugs

Teamed with the right rug pad, a kitchen rug can help you wow your guests and give you a warm and happy feeling every time to walk in.

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