Choosing The Best Sized Rug For Your HomeA one-size carpet doesn’t fit all rooms, so let our experts at Jaipur Rugs help you choose the perfect one for your home

So you’ve selected the perfect hand-knotted rug, a beautiful pastel, a perfect rectangle that fits snugly under your dining table. Everything is in place except that one end of the rug snags the door each time it is opened. It’s heart-breaking that after spending days, and perhaps weeks, looking for the perfect piece, its dimensions are awry when it comes to the bigger picture. But using this size guide, you will be able to prevent any pitfalls when it comes to choosing the best area rugs

Measure before you begin the search for area carpets

Bring out the measuring tape before you start searching for area rugs online. You need to have the room dimensions with you beforehand and keep in mind any constraints, such as over extending sideboards, doors, etc that will affect the size of rug. Once this is taken care of, you can go on to the next step.

Bigger is usually better

When in doubt, stick to the maxim that the bigger it is, the better it is. A postcard-sized rug or its iterations can make a room look insignificant and each of its elements seem disconnected. A larger rug, however, plays the role of a canvas, tying in all the decorative elements together and adding depth to a room. So this brings us to…


Bigger Rug is usually better

The 18-inch rule

Not all rules are meant to be broken. The general rule of thumb while selecting area rugs, as recommended by a majority of interior designers, is to leave approximately 18 inches of bare floor around a rug, for people to move around easily, keeping the space open. For compact apartments and smaller rooms, you can tweak this rule, however

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Rules aside, these are guidelines that can be followed while choosing floor rugs. We show you some of the typical rug shapes and sizes that will be ideal for each room of your home

The Living Room

The focal point of your home is a living room—a space for entertaining friends and spending time with family. For enormous rooms, with ample seating at the centre, a large rug which is spacious enough to fit furniture across its length without overcrowding is preferred.  And for larger rooms, placing two rugs is not unheard of. (Standard Sizes:  9’x12’ and 11’x14’) If the seating skirts the periphery of the space against the wall, then a smaller rug, where the front legs of the furniture rests on the carpet is advisable. (Standard Sizes: 6’x9’ and 8’x10’) In a snug living area with a coffee table, opt for a smaller rug, which will be more suitable for the space. (Standard Sizes: 4’x6’ and 5’x7’) In rooms with charming flooring, such as wood, choose Indian area rugs which expose at least eight inches (twenty centimetres) of wood around its borders.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom, naturally the bed will be the cynosure of attention, occupying maximum space. So, instead of picking a room-sized area rug, select multiple dhurries that won’t get hidden under the bed. You can’t go wrong with an area rug at the foot of the bed and two runners on each side, making the room look snug, or a handful of smaller rugs scattered across the empty space. (Standard Sizes: 2’6”x8’ and 3’x5’) But if you still fancy the idea of a rug that fits under the bed, it should extend around three feet or so, all around the bed, or just extend outwards on either ends only. (Standard Sizes: – 8’x10’ (queen) and 9’x12’ (king)).



Aisles and Entrances

For narrow corridors and hallways, a runner, made of wool, is an elegant addition. Atlantis, Jaipur Rug’s hand-knotted wool runners, handcrafted by master artisans and available in traditional patterns and vibrant colours are perfect picks. Durable and elegant, these works of art are matchless in a high traffic space. Keep in mind that darker colours are more suited because footfalls are more. (Standard Sizes: 2’6’x8’ and 3’x12’) Center alignment of a rug is not always necessary. Slide the runner to one side of the hall and place a beautiful console opposite to it, leaning against the wall. (Standard Sizes:  2’6”x8’ and 3’x12’)



Aisles and Entrances Rugs

The Dining Room

In the room where you break bread, the carpet needs to be chosen carefully. The rug should be expansive not only to accommodate all the chairs while seated, but also when one pulls a chair out from under table. It’s prudent to shortlist a carpet whose area extends about two feet beyond each side of the table. (Standard Sizes: 8’x10’ and 9’x12’)

The Kitchen

Another high traffic area, where you work with the elements of fire and water, is the kitchen. The best suited rug is a small one fitted in front of the sink. (Standard Size: 2’x3’) For a narrow, compact kitchen, we suggest you choose a runner, preferably velvety underfoot, which adds a pop of colour to the space. (Standard Sizes – 2’6”x8’ and 3’x5’)