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A lot of thought goes into how to choose an area rug for a room. Whether you choose a rug for your home or for your office, you will need to consider a number of things like size and shape of the room, existing décor, use of the room, and your budget for the rug. So, how can you simplify the task of selecting a rug for your home as well as for your office?

We have a few simple tips that can help you make the right call.

How to choose an area Rug for your home?

The most important criteria when selecting a rug for your home is to make sure it has the right kind of look and feel. The rug should appeal to your heart and fit well with the décor theme you have selected for your home. It is important to remember to choose a durable rug for a home. Hand-knotted rugs in wool, silk, or bamboo silk are great options for a home. If you have a strict budget: go for some hand-tufted or flatweave rugs are also great fits for certain parts of a home. If you don’t want to experiment then go for rectangular rugs. But if you are looking for something quirky then you can go for odd-shaped rugs as well.

choose an area Rug for your home

Choosing an area rug for office

Selecting a rug for your office space or home office space is very different from selecting a rug for your home. For your office, you need to consider practicality and traffic in the room. Special emphasis needs to be put on the type of color and material used for office rugs. Rich colors and sturdy hand-knotted rugs in wool, bamboo silk, or viscose are great options for any office areas.

hoosing an area rug for Office

General suggestions 

Size, construction, material, and purpose are some important things to remember when choosing a rug for space. Rich colors and sturdy materials go well for high traffic areas susceptible to spillages and other accidents. Therefore, it is advised to choose a rug that fits your budget and fulfills all its desired roles in your home or office.  

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