We are going to let you in on a little home décor secret. It is always possible to decorate your home on a budget and turn it into a brand-new home if you follow a few simple rules. First and foremost, make your spending count and refrain from wasting too much on side accessories.

The most effective solution to budget redecorating is knowing for sure what you absolutely want and what is optional. This way you can phase out your process and squeeze in more than you imagined by going step by step. In any home décor project, an area rug or carpet is the star of the show, a significant tip from all prominent interior designers is to always begin with the rug. Let’s take you through a few simple tips on how to decorate your home on a budget using rugs:

Start With a Rug

A rug is the centerpiece of any room and it anchors the décor theme of the entire place. So, it is absolutely important to select the area rug or carpet first. This way you will find it easier to pick out the remaining items on your list easily as they will be built around the color, design and style of the rug. It is also a wise thing to invest in a handmade rug that will last you a long time as it will face the most amount of wear from walking and the weight of the furniture.

Tattavam handmade rug- Jaipur Rugs - Start decorating with rugs

Go Neutral

Keep in mind that the easiest ways to reduce your redecoration cost not just now, but for the long term is to choose a neutral couch and use the area rug to add colour and style to your space. Neutral coloured furniture will sit well with most rugs and you can refresh the look of your room often by simply changing the rug.

LCA-202Deep BlueNavy rug with neutral color furniture - Jaipur Rugs

Shape Selection

The shape and style of the furniture in your room will be a big factor when you decide to redecorate. If you have bulky furniture and you want to add a sense of space to your room, make sure to place the furniture in such a way that two legs are on the rug and two are off it. This way the place will look roomy.

Asian Paints - Jaipur Rugs- Jaipur Wunderkammer
Pic. Credit- Asian Paints

A rug from the Lacuna collection with antique furniture is a match made in heaven. For modern and contemporary pieces of furniture, rugs from Chaos Theory, Free Verse, Hidden and Aakar are great choices. And if you want an instant conversation starter, something that stands out in the room, then try pieces from Jaipur Wunderkammer and Concoction collections for your redecoration project.

Sometimes an outstanding rug is all the redecoration a room requires.

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