Welcoming the Festive season with a bang; Jaipur Rugs’ annual sale is on. And it is BIG! It’s also the season of adding various hues to your home so that you look geared up for the ensuing festivals. Have you picked your color yet? We’ll help you.

From October 10 onward, Jaipur Rugs is joining your enthusiasm to welcome the festive season with Rug Utsav – living up to its name signifying a festival of rugs. Every rug made by our weavers is a blessing, crafted inventively for every home. Since the festive aroma is in the air, we feel these blessings are the only priceless gifts that we can bring to your doorstep. With hard-to-ignore sale offers up on our website, it’s time to revive your homes with festive energy contained in every rug that’s made with sheer love.

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Gold Beauty

If there is one color that has universal festive feel-it is Gold. It truly has a Midas’ touch for decors and interiors. You could team gold with almost any color and any form of decorations. A gold rug like this Chaos Theory By Kavi Antique White/Golden Apricot teamed with genda phool decorations would ooze true class. A bolder move could be to opt for a mango toned rug Urban Bungalow Mango and accentuate furniture using bright shades of cushions.

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Of Stunning Reds and Brilliant Oranges-

Red is synonymous with life and is an integral part of Indian culture. A red rug can liven up a space in a jiffy. All you need to do is go for sober shades of tapestry or curtains. Jaipur Rugs offers different tones of this stunning colour in various patterns. Our Lacuna collection is a great blend of modern and traditional and offers rich red like this for your taste Lacuna Medium Magenta/Medium Magenta.

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Or if you desire something modern for your contemporary home, then we have a patterned delight Maroc Red Lacquer/White or a serene wool and silk combo like this Geode Russet/Russet.
Orange is another colour for instant vibrancy. A combination of red and orange like this doesn’t need you to tamper much with the other aspects of your home décor Anatolia Red/Medium Tabasco. If you looking for a pure mild orange in case of subtlety, then a heritage style in pumpkin shade would be appropriate.

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Regal Greens:

Green is a versatile color that can ready a house for festivities and celebration. The latest trends also favour the hues and a lot of people team multi colored curtains mostly in shades of yellow and pink with green rugs. If you are a traditionalist, then a combination of gold and green would just make you grab this one for your home Aurora Dark Green/Medium Ivory. A modern home green could be a patterned one like this Rang Koliba.


Luscious Pinks:

Imagine your living room with a rug like this Project Error By Kavi Fuchsia Red/Hibiscus or an ibis rose Project Error By Kavi Tiger Lily/Ibis Rose if you want a color rush in your home. Pink goes swell with yellow, emerald green or even turquoise. So run your vivid imagination and venture into boldness this festive season.

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Dashing Blue:

We very well know the obsession for this colour for those who are addicted to it and Jaipur Rugs has a wide variety of blues to offer. But if it is festival time and winters are approaching, we would recommend deeper shades like this Lacuna Turkish Tile/Turkish Tile to rev up the ambiance. Intricately patterned cobalt can give a fillip to your décor Entropy Medium Cobalt/Medieval Blue and you wouldn’t need much of decorations to brighten up your festival.


Multi Farious:

Not sure what color would be suited to your décor and yet want to go swashbuckling for your home? Choose from our anytime range of multi colored carpets and forget fretting about the nuances.

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This is just the beginning of the season and we would love bring more delightful options at great prices for you. Keep watching this space  and grab your rug. Hurry!!!!!!!

Warm wishes for the festive season!