Now that December has arrived, the season of giving has officially begun. If you’re looking to spread the festive cheer while staying true to your gift-giving prowess, then consider choosing an extremely underrated home-treasure as a Christmas gift for all the special people in your life: handmade rugs and carpets from Jaipur Rugs.

Whether their style is eclectic, bohemian, Nordic or somewhere in between, gifting a beautiful handmade rug will make for a luxurious yet practical Christmas present. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why handmade carpets and rugs make the perfect Christmas gifts for interior-obsessed enthusiasts and collectors.

handmade rugs & carpets as a Christmas gift- Jaipur Rugs

#1 Rugs are a timeless classic

Handmade carpets and rugs are one of the most common functional yet decorative items at home, so gifting this timeless home classic is sure to be a hit among your loved ones. Just remember to take their style and home aesthetic into consideration when you choose and buy rugs as a gift for Christmas.

artisan original rug- Jaipur Rugs

#2 Handmade carpets and rugs are works of art

Unlike machine-made rugs where knots are monotonously uniform, handmade carpets are as unique as the weaver – relaying life’s wondrous works with each knot. Give the Christmas gift of textile art this season and share wonderfully unique handmade rugs with a story from Jaipur Rugs’ Artisan Originals collection.

Want to go the extra mile? Gift the necessary fixtures to give your friends and family the option to turn the humble floor accessory into exquisite, unique wall artwork!

wall rugs as Christmas Gift - Jaipur Rugs

#3 Quality rugs are a novel, thoughtful Christmas gift

It is a lesser-known fact that gifting quality carpets and rugs make even the most luxury aficionados happy. Why? Because nothing puts a smile on people like the concept of cosiness during a period of festivities.

So gift the epitome of Hygge to your loved ones and choose from dazzling, cosy shag rugs like Jaipur Rugs’ Calypso Hemp Shag Rug in Cool Aqua or the more understated Nadia Wool and Synthetic Fiber Shag Rug in Riviera Sand.

#4 Handmade rugs from Jaipur Rugs are a gift that gives back

Sometimes, finding a perfect Christmas gift that’s just beautiful or practical isn’t enough, and this holiday season, you can share your generosity two folds and gift the gift that gives back. All of Jaipur Rugs’ area rugs online help each weaver and artisan in the most remote parts of India earn a sustainable livelihood. Browse Jaipur Rugs’ latest rugs online and share the exquisite art of weaving that gives back.

buy handmade rugs & carpets online- Jaipur Rugs

#5 Carpets and rugs are on trend

As the cusp of the new year approaches, so does the urge for a home makeover. Be on the pulse of their interior decorating plans and help them make a statement by gifting the ultimate design trend of the next year: abstract handmade rugs. This fun, free-spirited interiors trend takes inspiration from abstract expressionist artwork – helping even the modest individuals express their personality.

Break the rules, browse area rugs online and bless this festive season with exquisite craftsmanship meant to last. Happy shopping!