It’s almost that time of the year when everyone comes together to share the joyous festival of light. As one of the most celebrated festivals in Indian culture, Diwali sees families and friends attending prayers, firework displays, dinner events, and others – celebrating the triumph of all that is good and light. Read the blog to explore Diwali Decor Ideas.

For those looking to commemorate the festival with a touch of glam in addition to the shimmering lights and Rangolis, here are four of Jaipur Rugs’ contemporary ideas to elevate your Indian home decor aesthetic. Meet your perfect mash-up of lights, colors, and art this Diwali:

Spruce your welcoming entry

Rangolis are a sure sight in everyone’s homes during the Festival of Light. Whether you prefer to create yours with a stencil or free-handed using colored rice, flour, sand, turmeric, henna or gulaal, coincide this Diwali with Prada-esque romantic concepts of floral. Use petals, whole flowers, garlands and a bouquet as a centerpiece to create a stunning, vibrant floral rangoli for your entryway.

Lacuna medium magenta Wool and Silk Hand Knotted Rug - Jaipur Rugs


Mix colors and patterns

Forget muted shades and minimalist designs during this festival and embrace a fresh mix of patterns and colors for a bold home aesthetic.

For an elevated yet traditional Indian interior design, anchor your room with a splashy hue of Orange Rust and Gold Brown rug – hand-tufted to perfection in wool – and contrast against home decors in pops of deep navy, emerald and gold. The eclectic range of warm and jeweled colors will be a contemporary interpretation of the colors of Diwali.

Accented decor in red

If you’re used to decorating in neutral palettes throughout your home, then commemorating Diwali with an accent color may be the easiest way to celebrate the Festival of Light.

One way to participate in the festivities with a modern twist is to reinvigorate your space with Diwali’s power color: red. Strike gold and emphasize your positivity by using lively red accents to add the perfect amount of punch to your Indian home decor aesthetic.

Set the accent tone in your space from your floors by introducing red carpets and rugs like our Project Error by Kavi, a wool and bamboo silk hand-knotted rug in Chilli Pepper and continue the accent throughout with red throws, fixtures or curtains.

Lacuna Hand-knotted Rugs & Carpets by Jaipur Rugs

Match vertical space with your floors

The Festival of Light typically calls for garlands and wreaths in marigolds, jasmines, red roses, frangipani and spider lilies. Consider filling your vertical wall space with something more textured, colorful and warm – yes, go big and decorate with carpets and rugs as a beautiful wall hanging!

wall hanging rugs & carpets - Jaipur Rugs

Push your space for a quintessentially unique yet trendsetting look by hanging an Artisan Originals, one of a kind handmade carpets by Jaipur Rugs’ weavers. The Janjeera by Santosh, a wool and bamboo silk hand-knotted rug features an intricately designed pattern of flowers, lines and arrows make for a sophisticated and refined festive atmosphere.

Here’s to wishing you a happy Diwali in advance! Which of these four modern home decor ideas will you use?